Meteorology Review

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  1. What do isobars look like in an area of high wind speed?
    They are close together
  2. a)An adiabatic temperature change in a gas, is caused by a change in what?

    b)When a gas expands, does it cool or warm?

    b)It cools
  3. Does dry air exert high or low pressure?
    High pressure
  4. Does cold air exert high or low pressure?
    High pressure
  5. Describe the lowest possible pressure air.
    (Temperature and humidity description)
    Warm and humid
  6. The temperature at which condensation occurs is called the what?
    Dew Point
  7. How does the dew point increase ?
    Water vapor is added to the air.
  8. Can changing the temperature change the dew point?
    NO Temperature is not related to dew point.
  9. On a station model, if the pressure number is under 500, what do you have to add to the number to record it correctly ?
    Add a 10 in front, and a decimal one place in from the right.
  10. Wind blows from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. True or False?
  11. Falling pressure generally indicates bad weather arriving. True or False ?
  12. Cumulonimbus clouds, heavy, brief rain, and thunderstorms are associated with a __________ front.
  13. As the temperature gets cooler, and closer to the dew point, the relative humidity does what?
  14. What kind of air holds the most moisture?
    (warm or cold)
    Warm air
  15. As the temperature drops, (if there is no change in the absolute humidity) the relative humidity does what?
  16. Relative humidity is defined as : the amount of moisture in the air compared to what?
    -compared to the amount of moisture the air can hold.
  17. Describe a cT and an mP air mass.
    cT dry and warm

    mP moist and cold
  18. An air mass that formed over the Gulf of Mexico would be labeled with what symbols?
  19. After a cold front passes, what does the pressure do?
    Pressure increases (cold air is high pressure)
  20. A cold front running into a warm front creates a what?
    An occluded front
  21. Describe the air movement in a low pressure system.
    ccw and toward the center
  22. Describe the air movement in a high pressure system.
    clockwise and away from the center
  23. In relationship to a warm front, where does it rain?
    In front of the warm front
  24. What type of rain, and clouds are associated with a warm front?
    long term, light rain (drizzle) and stratus clouds
  25. What causess wind?
    Differences in pressure
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