Human Sexuality Test 4- Sexual Orientation

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  1. Homosexual
    an individual whose primary erotic, psychological, emotional, and social interest is in a member of the same sex
  2. Queer
    term used for people born after 1970; used to diffuse negativity of the word and blur boundaries between homosexual subgroups- "Generation Q"
  3. Sexual Orientation
    • preference for the sex one is attracted to
    • homosexual
    • bisexual
    • heterosexual
  4. National Health and Social Life Survey says...
    • 1.4% of women
    • 2.8 % of men
    • (identify themselves as homosexual)
  5. Bisexuality
    person who engages in sexual activity with both sexes, and recognizes a desire to do so
  6. Types of Bisexuality
    • real orientation
    • transitory, temporary involvement
    • transitional, changing from one orientation to another
  7. Default Theory
    unhappy heterosexual experiences (research does not support this idea)
  8. Seduction Myth
    seduced by a teacher/or other influential person
  9. Freud's Theory
    • influenced by family background and relationships with parents;
    • dominating mother;
    • emotionally detached father
  10. Choice
    more evidence of a factor for women
  11. What percentage of people think people are born gay?
  12. What percentage of gays think people are born gay?
  13. Biological Theories
    • Adult brain differences
    • adult hormone levels
    • genetic factors- no known
    • gender nonconformity
  14. Homophobia
    irrational fears of homosexuals or fear and self-loathing of homosexual feelings in oneself
  15. Hate Crimes Statistics Act
    • 1990
    • provides funding to document hate crimes in US.
    • 29 states have hate crime laws that include proscriptions against antigay violence
  16. Who is more tolerant of homosexuality?
    • 18-29 year olds
    • The older the person, the less he is tolerant of homosexuality
  17. GLAAD
    award show for members of the media who promote equal rights for sexual minorities
  18. Process of "coming out"
    • self acknowledgement
    • self acceptance
    • disclosure-
    • passing- maintaining the false image of heterosexuality; jobs, social position can be jeopardized
    • telling the family
  19. percentage of homosexuals in steady relationships
    • 40-80% of lesbians
    • 40-60% of gay men
  20. homosexuals raising children
    • 33% of lesbian and female bisexual couples
    • 22% of gay and bisexual males
  21. lesbian biological mothers
  22. Which was the first state to allow gay/lesbian couples to adopt?
    Jew Jersey- 1998

    • currently: CA, CT, IL, MA, NY, VM, DC permit adoptions
    • banned: FL, UT, MS
  23. What decade was gay rights established in the US?
  24. The Stonewall Incident
    • 1969
    • served as a catalyst for formation of gay rights groups and activities such as Gay Pride Week
  25. Goals of the Gay Rights Movement
    • decriminalization of Private sexual behavior
    • anti-discrimination
    • positive rights
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