Astronomy Test 1

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  1. Distance Modulus
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  2. Luminosity
    Energy per time
  3. Flux
    • Apparent brightness
    • Luminostiy per unit area
    • Energy per unit time per unit area
  4. Equation for Flux
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  5. Apparent magnetudes
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  6. Absolute magnetudes
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  7. Bolometric Magnetude
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  8. Temperature approximation using color index
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  9. Radii of stars
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  10. Luminosity and Temperature
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  11. Masses
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  12. Radii, Luminosities, and Temperatures
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  13. Types of Bianaries
    • Apparent
    • Visual
    • Spectroscopic
    • Eclipsing
    • Astronomic
  14. Hydrostatic Equilibrium
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  15. Opacity
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  16. Mean Free Path
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  17. HR Diagram axis
    • Absolute magnitudes or Luminosity
    • Spectral types or Effective temperature
  18. Spectroscopic Parallax
    After finding a stars classification (from absorbtion lines) compare on HR Diagram to similar stars to find approximate absolute magnitute. Use the distance modulus to find distance.
  19. Equations of Steller interrior
    • Hydrostatic Equilibrium
    • Mass Continuity
    • Energy Transport (radiative and convective)
    • Energy Generation
  20. Mass Continuity
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  21. Equation of Radiative Energy Transport
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  22. Equation of Convective Energy Transport
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  23. Equation of Energy Generation
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  24. Gravitational Potential Energy
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  25. Nuclear Fussion in the Sun
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  26. Random Walk Motion
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  27. Bianary Mass-Orbital Radius Relationship
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  28. Boltzmann's Equation
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    • Ratio increases as T goes to infinity
  29. Mass Function
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  30. Wien's Law
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  31. Population I stars
    • Young
    • High metal content
    • Formed from dead stars
    • All O and B are PopI
  32. Population II stars
    • Old
    • Low Metal content
    • First stars to form
    • Low mass
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