History Test Pt. 2 (Literature of the Renaissance)

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  1. What are "How-to" Books ?
    Written to explain to people how to do certain things and live better fulfilled lives.
  2. Who were some "How-to" Artists, and what did they do ?
    • Niccolo Machiavelli: Wrote "The Prince" and "How-to Rule" (Taught how to lead)
    • Baldassare Castiglione: Wrote the book of "The Courtier" which taught people how to behave. He also focused on how to get the common man into society.
  3. Northern Humanists..
    Made writings that people could relate to, it emphasized religious themes.
  4. Who were some Humanists Writers, and what did they do ?
    • Francesco Petrarch: Wrote poems (love poems to an imaginary woman). He also was the Father of Humanism
    • Sir Thomas Moore: Wrote "Utopia" which consisted of an imaginary, ideal society where everyone was all equal and worked to support society.
  5. What is Common Vernacular ?
    Writing for the masses to understand. (Slang for society such as middle class)
  6. A "Vernacular Playwright" was a man by the name of..
    William Shakespeare: Author of Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet and many other books, and plays. He also wrote for the average person.
  7. What are 8 "Changes of Thought" during the Renaissance ?
    • 1. Humanist Perception
    • 2. Focus on Individuality by having dignity in worth
    • 3. Studying Greek & Roman world
    • 4. Rethinking the church & losing faith in it's belief system
    • 5. Everyone is being educated
    • 6. Focusing on the "Ordinary Man"
    • 7. Citezenship & leadership is a must for all citezens
    • 8. Becoming knowledgeable & interested in a lot of different topics allowing for well rounded citezens
  8. How does Literature of the Renaissance reflect these changes to thought ?
    People became more pure and thoughtful of their lives. They were taking things for granted, and discovering their dignity in wealth was popular in thought.
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