Vocab 2.1

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  1. Abridge
    Shorten or condense
  2. Abstract
    Formal summary summarizing the main events of an article, book or document
  3. Digest
    Summary using the style of original source
  4. synopsis
    summary of story, speech or series of events
  5. compendium
    comprehensive summary in some field of learning
  6. acquiesce
    consent, agree passively
  7. assent
    yes in a positive way
  8. accede
    yield to demand
  9. concur
  10. allude
    refer to or mention casually
  11. cite
    mention, refer to
  12. casual
    offhand, incidental
  13. constitute
    form, or make up
  14. constituent
    part or component of something
  15. contrive
    plot, scheme, devise a way
  16. corroborate
    verify, confirm, substantiate
  17. culminate
    reach the highest point
  18. summit
    highest point of a mountain, career, ambition or campaign
  19. zenith
    highest point for a star or a career (romantic)
  20. acme
    highest point of excellence
  21. depreciate
    decrease in value, belittle
  22. appreciate
    add to price or value of something
  23. dilate
    expand or enlarge
  24. discriminate
    observe differences, make unfair distinctions
  25. arid
    dry, barren, parched, lifeless
  26. sear/sere
    withered, dried up, mildly scorched
  27. sterile
    incapable of producing life, lacking vitality, free from micro-organisms
  28. desiccated
    dried up
  29. jejeune
    dull and flat, barren or dried up
  30. effete
    spent, worn, exhausted (and therefore sterile)
  31. humid
  32. chronic
    constant, habitual, recurring
  33. dubious
    doubtful, uncertain, causing doubt
  34. dubitable
  35. indubitable
  36. indulgent
    yielding, lenient, easy-going
  37. gratification
    license, sanction, toleration, dispensation, franchise
  38. internal
    inside, within, inner
  39. lethal
    deadly, fatal (not a person)
  40. mortal
    enemy that is death casuing (can be person)
  41. livid
    pale, lead-colored, grayish-blue
  42. overt
    open, unconcealed
  43. conspicuous
    unconcealed and attention attracting
  44. ostensible
    apparent motive, but not the real one
  45. manifest
    open, plain plans, though not overt
  46. flagrant
    overt and startling because of a scandulous nature
  47. palpable
    deeds or wrongs you can see or feel easily, cause clear impression
  48. senile
    characteristic of old age
  49. senile dementia
    mental derrangement resulting from old age that can include disorientation
  50. dotage
    weak-mindedness or abnormal fondness for certain people or possessions
  51. superannuation
    condition of being retired or disqualified for active duty
  52. longevity
    long life
  53. virtual
    almost, for all practical purposes, being something in effect but not actually
  54. virtual (image)
    distortion of an image by mirror or lense
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