ESWS Antennas

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  1. Any structure or device used to collect or radiate electromagnetic waves.
  2. What are the three types of antenna?
    • omni-directional
    • bidirectional
    • unidirectional
  3. These antennas radiate and receive equally well in all directions except off the end.
    Omni directional
  4. these anennas radiate and receive efficiently in two directions only.
  5. These antennas radiate or receive efficiently in only one direction
  6. What is teh AN/WSC-8 used for?
    • POTS Lines
    • VTC
    • VTT
  7. What is the AS-2537/SR (whip) used for?
    • Ship to shore Net
    • HF voice
  8. What are the standard AS-2537/SR Whip lengths and what do we have onboard?
    • 25, 28, or 35 ft
    • We have four 35ft whips
  9. What are the OE-83C (trashcan) used for?
    SATCOM communicaitions
  10. How many OE-82C (Trashcans) do we have onboard?
  11. What is the AS2815/SSR (Eggbeaters) used for?
    fleet broadcast
  12. How many AS-2815/SSR (eggbeaters) do we have onboard?
    four (line of sight is important)
  13. AS-1735/SRC (around the mast) what are they used for?
    used for WSC-3 line of sight transmit and receive
  14. how many Dome satellite antennas do we have onboard, what are they used for and where are they located?
    • 2
    • Immarsat (used for SAT comms) located 05 level aft STBD
    • DTS (satellite TV) located 05 level aft port side
  15. What is the AT-317 VLF (football) used for and where is it located
    • receive submarine fleet broadcasts
    • 06 level aft stbd side next to main mast.
  16. this type of communication is commerical and expensive
  17. what does EPIRB stand for and what type do we have?
    • Emergency Position indicating radio beacon
    • SATFIND 406
  18. What type of emergency lifeboat radio do we have and how is it powered?
    • AN/PRC-96
    • four D cell batteries
  19. This provides automated processing and management of record message traffic, all USN surface ships have it.
    Navy Modular Automated Communications System (NAVMACS)
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