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  1. what is the primary advantage of visual communications
    info can be exchanged during periods of radio silence
  2. what are two limiting factors of visual communications?
    • distance
    • visibility
  3. a line running from the flag bad to the yardarm
  4. a metal box containing a set of flags and pennants
    flag bag
  5. line attached to a halyard in order to recover it if necessary
  6. the horizontal length of a flag
    the fly
  7. the vertical width of a flag
    the hoist
  8. a reinforced border of light duck, stitched to the edge of the flag at the hoist. a length of line leads through this, at the top of which a ring is spliced.
  9. the other end of the line that leads through the tabling, extends several inches below the tabling, a snap hook is attached to it. serves as a spacer between flags.
    tail line
  10. how many flags are in a flag bag, break them down into groups.
    • 68
    • 26 alphabet
    • 10 number flags
    • 10 number pennants
    • 18 special flags and pennants
    • 4 substitutes
    • alpha
    • divers
    • code alpah is divers in the water.
    • flown where best seen, rule of thumb is waterborne side.
    • bravo
    • refueling/ammo/gun shoot
    • flown where best visible
    • (things that go BOOM)
    • hotel
    • helo ops
    • flown where best seen
    • India
    • ship coming alongside
    • flown on side of evolution
    • at dip is preparing to come along side
    • closed up is ready to receive
    • kilo
    • men aloft

    • kilo one
    • men working over the side
    • Kilo three
    • men aloft and over the side
    • lima
    • HERO
    • flown where best seen
    • mike
    • medical guard (ship has responsibility fo the pier)
    • flow where best seen
    • Oscar
    • Man overboard
    • Flown Where best seen
    • Papa
    • personnel recall
    • flown where best seen
    • quebec
    • Boat recall
    • Flow where best seen
    • uniform
    • anchoring
    • flown where best seen (rule of thumb is side anchor is dropped)
    • Prep
    • colors
    • Flown where best seen
    • Closed up preparing to execute
    • at the dip is execute
  11. day shape for at anchor?
    one black ball
  12. day shape for aground
    3 black balls
  13. when are absence indicators displayed?
    sunrise to sunset
    • first substitute
    • stbd outboard yardarm
    • absence of flag officers, unit commanders, CO when acting as temporary unit commander
    • second substitute
    • port inboard yardarm
    • absence of chief staff or chief staff officer
    • not displayed if CO's flag is not displayed
    • third substitute
    • port outboard yardarm
    • absence of CO or XO when CO departs for more than a period of 72 hours or more
    • Fourth Substitute
    • STBD inboard yardarm
    • absence of civil or military official whose flag is flying on that ship

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Inport signals ESWS
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Inport signals ESWS

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