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  1. What to do when a patient starts to have seizure in the community
    • Guide them to a flat surface
    • Move everything out of the way
    • Turn them on their side
    • Loosen restrictive clothing
    • Cradle their head or place something soft under their head
    • Time the seizure
  2. A seizure should be no more than
    3 minutes
  3. What is the term for a seizure that lasts 10 minutes or more
    Status Epilepticus
  4. For a patient having a seizure in the hospital
    • lower the head of the bed
    • put up the side rails
    • remove objects out of the bed
    • never restrain or put anything in the patients mouth
  5. Seizure precautions include:
    • HOB low
    • Bed low
    • Side rails x4 + padded
    • Call light within reach
    • Decrease stimulation (i.e. no TV, limit visitors, private room away from the nurse's station)
  6. First nursing action of seizure of patient in a hospital setting is to
    • suction the patient (to prevent aspiration)
    • Note: second you would give the pt O2
  7. Select all for Dilantin/Phenytoin (Mommy)
    • Hepatotoxicity/No ETOH
    • Toxic at 20 (level 10-20)
    • Only compatible solution Normal Saline
    • Flush, push, flush NS
    • No alcohol
    • Gingival hyperplasia (pt needs excellent and flossing)
    • Monitor for skin rash
  8. Gingival hyperplasia
    overgrowth of gums (looks like the "Talking Mr. Ed" - pt needs excellent and flossing)
  9. -plasia means
  10. Dilantin is given on an empty stomach, so for a patient on tube feeding you would -
    stop the tube feeding 1 hours before and 1 hours after
  11. What labs should be drawn prior to the administration of Dilantin
    Liver Function
  12. Tegretol/Carbamazepine
    • Risk for infection
    • Causes bone marrow suppression
    • Pt on this med should not room with GI pts!!!
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