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  1. What does MRMS stands for and what is it used for?
    Maintenance Resource Management System. It is used to track job status/parts for other units
  2. What is OPTAR and name the 2 components of a ship's OPTAR?
    Operating Target = Ship's budget. 2 Components are EMRM equipment Maintenance Related materialr or (repairables )& Other(consumables)
  3. How many categories of HAZMAT? Name them.
    6 - Aerosols / Corrosives / Flammables / Combustibles / Compressed gasses / Toxins
  4. What does SPMIG stands for and briefly explain what is it?
    Standard PMS Material Identification Guide- it is a code that give ordering info (NSN)
  5. Give 4 purpose of the Ship's Store Afloat.
    *provides services necessary in day to day living * profits from sales goes to MWR *promotes morale *provides a convenient source for us to obtain articles for health, comfort & convenience
  6. What is the difference between a Fleet freight message and a cargo message
    Fleet Freight informs stocking points where you need to have your cargo shipped and Cargo message informs units where their cargo is O/H.
  7. What is the discharge limitation in NM for garbage when we are underway?
    25 NM
  8. What does APL and AEL stands for? What is the difference between them.
    APL - Allowance Part List / AEL - Allowance Equipage List. APL has 9 digits. AEL has 11 digits.
  9. What does CRAMSI stand for and briefly explain why the program exists
    Consolidated Residual Asset Management System Inventory - A program where ships turn in RFI DLRs and other units can have them issued to them at no cost.
  10. What does BDFA stands for and explain what it is in a few words.
    Basic Daily Food Allowance, the dollor amount the Food Service Division is allowed for each crew member.
  11. Who gets credit when erroneously ordered parts turn back in to supply?
  12. How many NM from shore do we have to be to throw plastics overboard?
    NONE- never throw plastic over board.
  13. With respect to HAZMAT explain incompatible material. Give example.
    material that produce undesired effect when in contact with each other. Ex. Bleach and ammonia, acid and anything
  14. What does S-8 do?
    contracting / open purchase
  15. Name 4 divisions in Supply
    S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5, S-6, S-7, S-8, S-9, S-10, S-11
  16. What does ASI stands for and explain what it is used for?
    Automated Shore Interface- it actually updates the Ship's COSAL.
  17. What is the Department Budget?
    Program utilized by the SUPPO where budget requirements are taken from Dept. Heads and provided to TYCOM for future OPTAR Dollars.
  18. What are Bulkhead Ready Spares?
    Items located in a work center for immediate use.
  19. What procedures do you follow if you discover a HM/HW spill?
    report spill to DC dentral cordon off affected area and arrangefirst aid for injured people
  20. What is a DLR and briefly explain why it has 2 prices?
    Depot Level Repairable-requires a 1 for 1 exchange. Ship is charged net price(lower) when turn in (old part) available. If not, the gross price is charged.
  21. What is a N-RFI DLR turn-in?
    Not ready for issue DLR/ Broken part.
  22. What is the Master copy of the COSAL called and where is it located?
    Weapons System File located in NAVICP Mech.
  23. Pertaining to HAZMAT, what is the Re-Use program for?
  24. What does COSAL stands for and briefly explain what it entails.
    Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List - a reference listing parts required to sustain the life of the ship and its equipment.
  25. What are MAMs and what are they used for?
    Maintenance Assistance Modules - used for troubleshooting.
  26. Where is the manual copy of the ship's COSAL located?
    S-7, Customer Service
  27. What division handles the ship's OPTAR?
    S-6 - Stock Control
  28. What is the difference between equipment and equipage
    equipment is fnctional & installed. Equipage is non-installed item in the workplace.
  29. What is the discharge limitation for paint/mineral spirits when underway?
    NONE - never discharge over the side
  30. What does OMMS stands for and explain what it is used for?
    Organizational Maintenance Management System- it is used to submit jobs for the ship.
  31. Tell me about the Principle Quarterly Food Service Report.
    Report submitted to NAVSUP 51at the end of the quarter on the 15th which describes in detail to TYCOM amount of food served, ordered, where it was ordered from, and other units served.
  32. Briefly explain what is meant by "endurance loading of subsistence"
    when a ship is preparing for deployment and loads to capacity all those items required for the daily feeding of the crew.
  33. Under what conditions can oily waste be disposed of while underway?
    If equipped with Oil content monitor or oily water separator
  34. What does MOV stands for and what is its purpose?
    Material Obligation Validation - it ensures that outstanding requirements are still valid. RPPOs receive a listing to validate: V,R,C
  35. What is a Remain in Place DLR?
    A NRFI-DLR that has to remain in place and can only be turned in upon receipt of the new part.
  36. What does BAM stands for and explain why the program exist?
    Battle Group Asset Management System, used to know what parts are within your battle group
  37. What division is S-9? What does it stands for?
    ROVSS - Repair of Other Vessels Supply Support
  38. What does DRMO stand for and briefly explain the DRMO Program
    Defense Reutilization Marketing Office - facility where all branches of the Dept of Defense turn in excess, reusable, reissuable material and others can draw it out for their use.
  39. What does MRE stands for and what are they used for?
    Meals Ready to Eat, served when messing is not available.
  40. How many ways can you update the COSAL? Name them
    3 - ACR, CCR & FCFBR
  41. What is the discharge limitation in NM for trash when we are underway?
    25 NM
  42. What is the discharge limitation in NM for sewage when we are underway?
    12 NM
  43. What division is S-3?
    Ships service -ships store, laundry, barber shop
  44. What division signs off on a CASREP in case parts needs to be ordered?
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