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  1. sustainably
    taking sources only as rapidly as they can be replaced
  2. resource management
    managing of resource harvesting so that resources are not depleted
  3. resource management types
    sustanaible yield, ecosystem-based management, and adaptive management
  4. maximum sustainable yield (MSY)
    to harvest the maximum amount of a resource without reducing the amount of future harvests
  5. ecosystem-based management
    to harvest resources in ways that minimize impact on the ecosystems and ecological processes that provide the resources
  6. adaptive management
    scientifically testing different management approaches in an area, one after the other, and then customizing an approach based on the results
  7. forestry
    forest management
  8. even-aged
    results from the regrowth of trees that were mostly all cut at the same time, as with clear-cutting
  9. uneven-aged
    results from the regrowth of trees that were cut at different times, as with selection systems
  10. clear-cutting
    • method in which all of the trees in an area are cut at once
    • most cost-efficient
    • even-aged stands
    • greatest impact on forest ecosystems
  11. seed-tree approach
    small numbers of mature and healthy seed-producing trees are left standing so they can reseed the logged area
  12. shelterwood approach
    small numbers of mature trees are left in place in order to provide shelter for seedlings as they grow
  13. selection system
    only some of the trees in a forest are cut at once
  14. deforestation
    clearing of a forest and the replacement of it by another land use
  15. old-growth forest
    forest that has never been logged
  16. multiplen use
    forests are managed for recreation, wildlife habitat, mining, and other uses, in addition to timber
  17. monocultures
    large-scale plantings of a single crop
  18. rotation time
    stands cut after a certain number of years
  19. prescribed burns
    controlled burns; fires set and controlled by humans; have helped restore ecosystems that depend on fire
  20. salvage logging
    removal of snags following a natural disturbance
  21. sustainable forestry certification
    certifications given to companies that use methods that are considered sustainable
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