AP World- Ch. 12 Vocab

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  1. Wendi
    established the Sui dynasty and also first emperor
  2. Yangdi
    second member of Sui dynasty; murdered his father to gain throne; retored Confucian exam system; responsible for construction of Chinese canal system; assinated in 618
  3. Wuzong
    Chinese emperor of Tang dynasty who openly persecuted Buddhists by destroying monasteries in 840s; reduced Buddhism in favor of Confucian ideology
  4. Neo-Confucians
    revived ancient Confucian teachings in Song era China, great impact on the dynasties that followed their emphasis on tradition and hostility to foreign systems made Chinese rulers and bureaucrats less receptive to outside ideas and influences
  5. Southern Song
    rump state of Song dynasty; cut out of much larger domains ruled by the Tang and Northern Song; culturally one of the most glorious reigns in Chines history
  6. Grand Canal
    built in 7th century during reign of Yangdi during the Sui dynasty; designed to link the original centers of Chinese civilization on the north China plain to the Yangtze river of the south
  7. Junks
    Chinese ships equipped with watertight bulkheads, sternpost rudders, compasses, and bamboo fenders
  8. Flying money
    Chinese credit instrument that provided credit vouchers to merchants to be redeemed at the end of the voyage; reduced danger of robbery; early form of currency
  9. Footbinding
    practice in Chinese society to mutilate a women’s foot to make them smaller; produced pain and restricted women’s movement; made it easier to confine women to the household
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