AP World- Ch. 13 Vocab

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  1. Taika reforms
    Attempt to remake Japanese monarch into an absolute Chinese-style emperor; included attempts to create professional bureaucracy and peasant conscript army
  2. Fujiwara
    Japanese aristocratic family in mid-9th century; exercised exceptional influence over imperial affairs; aided in decline of imperial power
  3. bushi
    Regional warrior leaders in Japan; ruled small kingdoms from fortresses; administered the law, supervised public works projects, and collected revenues; built up private army
  4. samurai
    mounted troops of Japanese warrior leaders; local to local lords, not the emperor
  5. Seppuku
    ritual suicide or disembowelment in Japan; means of restoring honor
  6. Taira
    Powerful Japanese family in 11th and 12th centuries; competed with Minamoto family; defeated after Gempei Wars
  7. bakufu
    Military government established by the Minamoto following the Gempei Wars; centered at Kamakura; retained emperor, but real power resided in military government and samurai
  8. shoguns
    Military leaders of the bakufu
  9. Ashikaga Shogunate
    replaced the Kamakura regime in Japan; ruled from 1336- 1573; destroyed rival Yoshino center of imperial authority
  10. Sinification
    extensive adaptation of Chinese culture in other regions; typical of Korea and Japan, less typical of Vietnam
  11. Khmers
    Indianized rivals of the Vietnamese; moved into Mekong River delta region at time of Vietnamese drive to the south
  12. Trung sisters
    leaders of one of the frequent peasant rebellions in Vietnam against Chinese rule; revolt broke out in 39 C.E; demonstrates importance of Vietnamese women in ingenious society

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