Accuracy of Information

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  1. Almanac
    this annual publication in calendar form gives weather forecasts, astronomical data, tides tables, and other information.
  2. Atlas
    This reference source is a book of maps.
  3. Books
    Good sources of information because they go in depth about one subject.
  4. Brochure
    A small booklet or pamphlet. It often tells information about a certain event, service, or product. brochures often use pictures and catchy headlines.
  5. Dictionary
    This referencce book contains an alphabetical list of words with their meanings and pronunciations.
  6. Encyclopedia
    These books usually come in a series containing breif articles on a wide range of subjects and people. They are a good place to get a quick overview of a subject.
  7. Library Catalog Database
    The card catalog is a searchable resource at the library found on computer. It helps in finding a book, magazine, video, or other media by title, author, or subject.
  8. Online Resources
    Like newspapers, these most often provide up-to-date information. [found on the internet]
  9. Periodicals
    Newspapers and magazines; they give some of the most up-to-date information available and a majority of the information you find can be trusted as fact.
  10. Thesaurus
    This books contains synonyms. When you look up a word in this book, you will find a list of words that mean the same thing.
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