SAT Vocab-Week 5:Column 1

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  1. Melange
  2. Mellifluent
    sweetly flowing
  3. Menace
    threaten, express as intention to inflict injury
  4. Menage
  5. Mendacious
  6. Mendicant
    beggar, begging
  7. Meniscus
    a crescent
  8. Meretricious
    superficially attractice, enticing by false charms
  9. Metamorphose
  10. Militate
    operate against, work against
  11. Ministrative
    serving helpfully
  12. Minnow
    any one of several species of very small fresh water fish
  13. Misanthropy
    dislike or distrust of mankind
  14. Misappropriation
    the act of using for a wrong purpose
  15. Miscalculate
    to calculate erroneously
  16. Miscegenation
    interbreeding of races
  17. Misconceive
    to have an erroneous understanding of
  18. Misconstruction
    wrong interpretation of words or things, a mistaking of the true meaning
  19. Miscreant
    villain, villainous
  20. misdemeanor
    a misbehaving, a minor legal offense
  21. Missal
    prayer book
  22. Mistral
    cold, dry, north wind common in southern Europe
  23. Mitigate
    lessen, make milder
  24. Mnemonics
    art of memory development
  25. Modicum
    a little, a small quantity
  26. Modulate
    tone down
  27. Molest
    disturb, annoy, bother
  28. Monetary
    pertaining to money or consisting of money, financial
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