SAT Vocab-Week 5:Column 2

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  1. Monolith
    large piece of stone
  2. Montage
    picture made of pictures or material from several sources
  3. Mordant
    biting, sarcastic
  4. Morganatic
    marriage of a high-ranking man with a lower station woman in which it is agreed neither she nor children will inherit his rank or property
  5. Moribund
  6. Motley
    variegated, composed of clashing elements
  7. Muddle
    confuse or stupify
  8. Mufti
    civilian dress
  9. Murrain
    a cattle disease
  10. Mutation
  11. Muzhik
    Russian peasant
  12. Myopia
  13. Nacre
    mother of pearl
  14. Naive
    unsophisticated, artless
  15. Nape
    back of neck
  16. Narcissism
    love of one's own body
  17. Natant
    swimming or floating
  18. Mauseate
    cause disgust and nausea to
  19. Nebulous
    hazy, indistinct
  20. Necessitate
    render unavoidable, compel
  21. Nefarious
    abominable, wicked in the extreme
  22. Negative
    implying or expressing refusal
  23. Negotiability
    the quality of being transferable by endorsement
  24. Neolithic
    characteristic of the later part of the Stone Age
  25. Neophyte
    new convert
  26. Neuralgia
    pain along the course of a nerve
  27. Neutralize
    to reduce to a state of indifference between different parties
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