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  1. Abut
    to touch or contact as with the tarsal plates of the closed eyelids
  2. Anatomical position
    the body is erect, feet together, palms facing forward and thumbs pointed away from the body
  3. Aneurysm hook
    an embalming instrument that is used for blunt dissection and in raising vessels
  4. Arterial embalming
    the use of the blood vascular system of the body for temporary preservation, disinfection and restoration

    accomplished through injection of embalming solutions into the arteries and drainage from the veins

    aka vascular embalming

    aka capillary embalming
  5. Arterial delivery
    movement of the arterial solution from its source through the machine apparatus, connective tubing and arterial tube into an artery

    i.e. embalming machine tank

    aka solution - ??
  6. Arterial fluid
    the concentrated, preservative, embalming chemical that will be diluted with water to form the arterial solution for injection into the arterial system during vascular embalming

    the purpose is for inactivating saprophytic bacteria and rendering the body tissues less susceptible to decompositon

    aka vascular fluid
  7. Arterial solution
    mixture of arterial (vascular) fluid and water used for the arterial injection

    may include supplemental fluids
  8. Arterial tube
    a tube used to inject embalming solution into the blood vascular system
  9. Aspiration
    withdrawal of gases, fluids and semi-solids from body cavities and hollow viscera by means of suction with an aspirator and a trocar
  10. Capillaries
    minute blood vessels, the walls of which comprise a single layer of endothelial cells

    capillaries connect the smallest arteries (arteriole) with the smallest veins (venule) and where pressure filtration occurs
  11. Cavity embalming
    direct treatment, other than vascular (arterial) injection, of the contents of the body cavities and the lumina of the hollow viscera

    usually accomplished by aspiration and injection
  12. Diffusion
    the movement of molecules or other particles in solution from an area of greater concentration to an area of lesser concentration until uniform concentration is reached
  13. Diffusion of fluid
    passage of some components of the injected embalming solution from an intravascular to an extravascular location

    movement of the embalming solutions from the capillaries into the interstitial spaces
  14. Disinfectant
    an agent, usually chemical, applied to inanimate objects/surfaces to destroy disease-causing microbial agents, but usually not bacterial spores
  15. Disinfection
    the destruction and/or inhibition of most pathogenic organisms and their products in or on the body
  16. Drain tube
    tubular instrument of varying diameter and shape, preferably with a plunger that is inserted into a vein to aid in drainage of blood and to restrict the exit of vascular embalming fluid
  17. Drainage
    discharge or withdrawal of blood, interstitial fluid and embalming fluids from the body during vascular embalming

    usually removed through a vein of the body
  18. Electric aspirator
    a device that uses a motor to create suction for the purpose of aspiration
  19. Embalming
    process of chemically treating the dead human body to reduce the presence and growth of microorganisms, to temporarily inhibit organic decomposition and to restore an acceptable physical appearance
  20. Hypodermic Supplemental Treatment
    injection of embalming chemicals directly into the tissues through the use of a syringe and needle or a trocar
  21. Surface Supplemental Treatment
    direct contact of internal or external body tissues with embalming chemicals
  22. Extravascular
    outside the blood vascular system
  23. Eye wash station
    OSHA required emergency safety device providing a steady stream of water for flushing the eye
  24. Eyecap
    a thin plastic dome-shaped disk used to restore contour just beneath the eyelids

    an aid in the eye closure
  25. Fixation
    the act of making tissue rigid

    the solidification of a compound
  26. Fixative
    an agent employed in the preparation of tissues, for the purpose of maintaining the existing form and structure

    many of agents are used, the most important one being Formalin
  27. Formaldehyde/HCHO
    colorless, strong-smelling gas that when in solution is a powerful preservative and disinfectant

    a potential occupational carcinogen
  28. Germicide
    agent, usually chemical, applied either to inanimate objects/surface or to living tissues to destory disease-causing microbial agents, but usually not bacterial spores
  29. Gravity injector
    apparatus used to inject arterial fluid during arterial (vascular) phase of the embalming process

    relies on gravity to create the pressure required to deliver the fluid (.43 pounds of pressure per one foot about the point of injection)
  30. Groove director
    instrument used to guide drainage devices into veins
  31. Household bleach
    a 5% sodium hypochlorite solution

    12 ounces of household bleach with 116 ounces of water yields 1 gallon of a 10% household bleach solution (5,000 ppm sodium hypochlorite)
  32. Hydroaspirator
    apparatus that is connected to the water supply

    when the water is turned on, suction is developed and is used to aspirate the contents of the body's cavities
  33. Preservation
    the science of treating the body chemically so as to temporarily inhibit decomposition

    aka temporary preservation
  34. Sanitization/Sanitation
    a process to promote and establish conditions which minimize or eliminate biohazards
  35. Scalpel
    a two (2) piece-embalming instrument consisting of a handle and a blade used to make incisions and excisions
  36. Sterilization
    process that renders a substance free of all microorganisms
  37. Sterilizers
    oven or appliance for sterilizing

    an autoclave that disinfects by steam under pressure at temperaure above 100 C
  38. Trocar
    sharply pointed surgical instrument used in cavity embalming to aspirate the cavities and inject cavity fluid

    this instrument may also be used for supplemental hypodermic embalming
  39. Trocar button
    a plastic threaded screw like device for sealing puctures and small round trocar openings
  40. Unionall
    plastic garment designed to cover the entire body from the chest down to and including the feet
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