Parkinsons Disease

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  1. Parkinsons Disease
    • affects brain neurons in part of brain that controls muscles
    • possible genetic factors combined w/environmental exposure
    • onset age 40-70, can live 20-30 years with disease
    • neurons that make dopamine die or quit working (dopamine send signals that coordinate muscles)

    • shaky arms, hands, legs, jaw & face
    • stiffness of arms, legs & trunk
    • slow movement
    • poor balance & coordination
    • leads to trouble walking & talking
    • depression, sleep problems, trouble eating chewing and sleeping
    • secondary is caused by tumors or drugs
  2. 5 Stages of Parkinsons Disease
    • 1. Initial: one limb, minimal weakness, hand & arm trembling
    • 2. Mild: 2 limbs, masklike face, slow shuffling gait
    • 3. Moderate: postural instability, increased gait disturbances
    • 4. Severe: akinesia, rigidity
    • 5. Complete ADL dependence
  3. Key features of Parkinsons Disease
    • slumped posture
    • shuffley steps
    • slurred, soft "parrot" speech
    • stiff muscles
    • autonomic dysfunction
  4. Non surgical treatment of Parkinsons Disease
    Surgical treatment
    • NONSURGICAL: drugs to treat symptoms-no cure
    • dopamine agonists: Mirapex, Requip, Sinemet
    • (side effects: ortho hype, hallucinations, drowsiness, given before meals

    • Surgical: last resort when drugs fail
    • Stereotactic Pallidotomy: probe in pallidum, destroy tissue
    • Thalamotomy: open thalamus & high frequency currents destroy tissue
    • Deep Brain Stimulation:pacemaker for bain
    • Fetal Tissue Transplant
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Parkinsons Disease
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