Condensate 2

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  1. State how water flow is controlled through the 1st stage steam generator blowdown heat exchangers.
    There is not enough pressure on startup for the water to pass through the stacked HX. The flow is controlled by a PDIC which opens a valve to the condenser. The water is pulled through the stacked HX by the vacuum from the condenser. When the delta P=3.5psid control of flow is switched over to the TIC where the water is maintained at 265F
  2. State the purpose of the 2-35 Recirc Valve (FCV-2-35A) and describe how it is controlled.
    to ensure that you have minimum flow of 5500gpm and to clean the water. Controlled by FCV 2-35 Hotwell Pump recirc valve for HW pump protection
  3. State the purpose of the low pressure heaters
    Increase efficiency by preheating condensate before it gets to the S/G
  4. Describe the Condensate Booster Pumps as to type, capacity, and power supply.
    • Single stage
    • Double suction
    • 9,000 gpm 680ft TDH
    • 3 pumps
    • 6.9KV motors
  5. Explain the operation of the condensate booster pump automatic recirculation (ARC) valve.
    • ARC-short-short cycle
    • maintain a minimum of 1500 gpm
    • routes water back to the condenser for cleanup
  6. Describe the condensate booster pump lube oil system as to purpose, pump type, coolers, flow path and power supply
    • 2 bearing lube oil pumps
    • auxiliary pump is motor driven
    • shaft driven pumps
    • Lube oil RCW
  7. Identify the logic required to be met before a condensate booster pump can be started
    • Start Interlock
    • suction valve must be fully open
    • >8.5 psig bearing lube oil pressure
    • >14 psid delta P injection water
    • >20 psig NPSH
    • <190F motor winding temp
  8. Evaluate the conditions that will cause a condensate booster pump to trip
    • <8.5psig bearing lube oil
    • <20psig NPSH
    • electric fault
  9. State the purpose of the intermediate pressure heaters and how to place a string of intermediate pressure heaters in service
    increase efficiency by preheating condensate before it reaches the S/G
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