Sao Paulo menu

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  1. Xiaolongbao Soup Dumplings
    • House made dough (Xiaolongbao)
    • pork
    • crab
    • linguica (Brazilian spicy sausage)
    • green onion
    • jalapeno-black vinegar dipping sauce
  2. Bolinhos De Bacalhau-
    (Salted Cod Fritter)
    • Salt cod (Cod that has been cured dried/preserved in salt)
    • coconut
    • potato
    • serrano
    • onion
    • cachaca-soy mustard
    • sweet and sour sauce- (pineapple, Louisiana hot sauce, rice wine vinegar, white wine, house made thai chili sauce and lime)
  3. Crispy Shanghai Spring Rolls
    • chicken
    • shrimp
    • tempero baiano (Brazillian spice blend)
    • bamboo
    • carrot
    • shiitake
    • won bok
    • Szechuan acai berry ginger dipping sauce- (Acai berry puree, Szechuan peppercorn, ginger, serrano chili and rice wine vinegar)
  4. Crispy Calamari Salad
    • Tubes and tentacles dusted in flour and a mixture of
    • chiles then fried.
    • frisee
    • hearts of palm
    • avocado
    • cilantro
    • fresno chili
    • dressed with lime and garlic oil
    • tomato-guajillo vinaigrette- ( Roma tomatoes, guajillo chili, tomato paste, lime, honey, garlic, fresno chili and serrano chili)
  5. Feijoada
    • Black beans
    • linguica
    • pork
    • dried beef
    • bacon
    • orange
    • cilantro
  6. Togarashi Blackened Salmon
    (sauteed in a cast iron skillet)
    • Okinawan sweet potato
    • wok tossed baby bok choy
    • tomato
    • shimeji mushroom
    • warm bacon ponzu- (Bacon, onion, bay leaves, black pepper mixed with ponzu sauce)
  7. Picanha Steak & XO King Crab
    • Girlled Dry aged top sirloin
    • king crab wok
    • tossed with XO sauce
    • hot bean paste
    • broccolini
    • black bean ginger sauce- (Chinese black beans, ginger, garlic, red onion, sambal, chipotle, sake, white wine, sugar, demi glace, shaoxing wine and oyster sauce)
  8. Crispy Tofu
    (Ancho chile dusted)
    • baby bok choy
    • bean sprout
    • ginger
    • cilantro
    • Sesame Sweet Chili Sauce- (red chili, citrus, sesame, garlic, green onion)
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