Ch.6 Def. Abr.

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  1. Ba
  2. BM
    Bowel movement
  3. FBS
    Fasting blood sugar
  4. GI
  5. UGI
    Upper gastrointestinal
  6. Ascites
    Fluid in the abdomen
  7. Cirrhosis
    Liver disease
  8. Diverticular disease
    • 2 kinds
    • Diverticulosis - bulging pouches in the GI tract push through the muscle.

    Diverticulitis - inflammation of a diverticular sac due to trapped feces.
  9. Fistula
    Abn. passage from one organ to another
  10. Hematochezia
    Bright red blood in stool
  11. Hemorrhoid
    Varicose veins in the rectum
  12. Hernia
    Protrusion of an organ through the wall cavity
  13. Jaundice
    Yellow discoloration of the skin
  14. Polyp
    Small, tumorlike, benigh growth (on a stalk)
  15. Barium enema
    Radiographic examination of the lower digestive tract after the adminstration of barium sulfate
  16. Barium swallow
    Radiographic examination of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine after oral adminstration of barium sulfate
  17. Bariatric surgery
    Surgery to tread morbid obesity
  18. Lithotripsy
    Procedure for crushing a stone
  19. Parotid gland
    Salivary gland near the ear
  20. Anastomosis
    Rejoining of 2 tubes
  21. Diarrhea
    Frequent watery bowel movements
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