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  1. Bones:
    .....Combining Forms
    .....Primary Functions
    • Combining Forms:
    • .....oss/e
    • .....oss/i
    • .....oste/o
    • .....ost/o

    • Primary Functions:
    • .....1. Framework for the body.
    • .....2. Support & protect internal organs.
    • .....3. Form some blood cells in red marrow.
    • .....4. Store minerals - calcium.
  2. Bone Marrow:
    .....Combining Form
    .....Primary Functions
    • Combining Form:
    • .....myel/o (also means spinal cord so know context)

    • Primary Functions:
    • .....Red bone marrow - hemopoetic tissue - manufactures blood cells:
    • ..........1. Red blood cells
    • ..........2. Hemoglobin
    • ..........3. White blood cells
    • ..........4. Thrombocytes
    • .....Yellow bone marrow - fat storage area
  3. Cartilage:
    .....Combining Form
    .....Primary Functions
    • Combining Form:
    • .....chrondr/o

    • Primary Function:
    • .....1. Creates a smooth surface for motion within the joints.
    • .....2. Protects the ends of the bones.
    • .....3. Makes up flexible parts of the skeleton such as ears & nose.
  4. Joints:
    .....Combining Form
    .....Primary Functions
    • Combining Form:
    • .....arthr/o

    • Primary Functions:
    • .....Work in conjunction with muscles, ligaments, and tendons to make possible wide variety of body movements.
  5. Ligaments:
    .....Combining Form:
    .....Primary Function
    • Combining Form:
    • .....ligament/o

    • Primary Function:
    • .....Connect one bone to another (bone-to-bone)
  6. Synovial Membrane:
    .....Combining Forms
    .....Primary Functions
    • Combining Forms: (note: same as synovial fluid)
    • .....synovi/o
    • .....synov/o

    • Primary Functions:
    • .....1. Forms lining of synovial joints.
    • .....2. Secretes synovial fluid.
  7. Synovial Fluid:
    .....Combining Forms
    .....Primary Function
    • Combining Forms: (note: same as synovial membrane)
    • .....synovi/o
    • .....synov/o

    • Primary Function:
    • .....Lubricant that makes smooth joint movements possible.
  8. Bursa:
    .....Combining Form
    .....Primary Function
    • Combining Form:
    • .....burs/o

    • Primary Function:
    • .....Cushions areas subject to friction during movement.
  9. ankyl/o
    Combining form meaning crooked, bent, or stiff.
  10. arthr/o
    Combining form meaning joint.
  11. chondr/o
    Combining form meaning cartilage.
  12. cost/o
    Combining form meaning rib.
  13. crani/o
    Combining form meaning skull.
  14. -desis
    Suffix meaning surgical fixation of a bone or joint.
  15. kyph/o
    Combining form meaning hump.
  16. lord/o
    Combining form meaning bent backward.
  17. -lysis
    -Suffix meaning breaking down or destruction. Defined in Podcast as surgical loosening. I thought another common meaning was surgical release.

    Important Note: It may mean either a pathologic state or a therapeutic procedure.
  18. myel/o
    Combining form meaning bone marrow or spinal cord.
  19. oss/e
    Combining form meaning bone.

    See also: oss/i, ost/o, and oste/o
  20. oss/i
    Combining form meaning bone.

    See also: oss/e, ost/o, and oste/o
  21. ost/o
    Combining form meaning bone.

    See also: oss/e, oss/i, and oste/o
  22. oste/o
    Combining form meaning bone.

    See also: oss/e, oss/i, and ost/o
  23. scoli/o
    Combining form meaning curved (sideways.)
  24. spondyl/o
    Combining form meaning vertebrae.
  25. synov/o
    Combining form meaning synovial membrane.

    See also synovi/o
  26. synovi/o
    Combining form meaning synovial fluid or synovial membrane.

    See also synov/o
  27. -um
    Suffix indicating a noun ending.
  28. peri-
    Prefix meaning surrounding.
  29. end-
    Prefix meaning within.
  30. hem/o
    Combining form meaning blood.
  31. -poietic
    Suffix meaning pertaining to formation.
  32. -al
    Suffix meaning pertaining to.
  33. scapul/o
    Combining form meaning scapula or shoulder blade.
  34. clavicul/o
    Combining form meaning clavicle or collar bone.

    See also cleid/o.
  35. acromi/o
    Combining form meaning acromion or point of shoulder blade.
  36. sacr/o
    Combining form meaning sacrum.
  37. ili/o
    Combining form meaning ilium.
  38. -ac
    Suffix meaning pertaining to.
  39. -path
    suffix meaning disease.
  40. pod/o
    Combining form meaning foot.
  41. -iatrist
    Suffix meaning specialist.
  42. -osis
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition (or disease.)
  43. -sclerosis
    Suffix meaning abnormal hardening.
  44. -itis
    Suffix meaning inflammation.
  45. -malacia
    Suffix meaning abnormal softening.

    review from chapter 2
    Deviation from what is regarded as normal.

    Note: missed on test 2.
  47. Communicable disease

    review from chapter 2
    • 1. Also known as contagious disease.
    • 2. Any condition that is transmitted from one person to another either by direct or indirect contact with contaminated objects.

    Note: See card to compare to infectious disease missed on test 2.
  48. Infectious disease

    review from chapter 2
    An illness caused by a living pathogenic organism such as bacteria and viruses.

    • Note: missed on test 2 - compare to communicable or contagious disease.
  49. -oma
    Suffix meaning tumor.
  50. lumb/o
    Combining form meaning lumbar (region of the spine), lower back, or loin.
  51. -ago
    Suffix meaning diseased condition.
  52. -listhesis
    Suffix meaning slipping.
  53. -scopy
    Suffix meaning visual examination.
  54. -plasty
    Suffix mening surgical repair.
  55. burs/o
    Combining form referring to the bursa, the fluid filled sac near joints.
  56. -ectomy
    Suffix meaning surgical removal.
  57. vertebr/o
    Combining form meaning vertebra.
  58. lamin/o
    Combining form referring to the lamina (of a vertebra.)
  59. -clasis
    Suffix meaning to break. Podcast said surgical breaking.
  60. -rrhaphy
    Suffix meaning surgical suturing.
  61. -otomy
    Suffix meaning surgical incision.
  62. peri-
    Prefix meaning surrounding.
  63. Hallux
    Pertaining to great toe.
  64. Valgus
  65. Allogenic
    Meaning originating within another, as a transplant or graft.
  66. all/o or all-
    Other, different from normal, reversal
  67. -genic
    Creation; reproduction.
  68. Autologous
    meaning originating from within an individual.
  69. aut/o
  70. -logous
    Suffix meaning value or structure, or ratio.
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