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    Title – Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

    Artist – Huang Gongwang

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 1347 - 1350

    Significance – Theme of reclusion. Monumental composition. Painter painted for money. He used a "hemp fiber cun": Thread like strokes to define the mountains
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    Title – The Rongxi Studio

    Artist –Ni Zan

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 1372

    Significance – Concept of reclusion. Showed a sense of loneliness because the painter felt distant from his homeland because of the Mongol invasion. Tripartite composition.
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    Title – Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains

    Artist – Wang Meng

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 1366

    Significance – Calaustrophobic effect. Intricate brushwork. It's hard to focus on anything. Painter is expressing his feelings that everything keeps changing in his life (political perspective).
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    Title – Realms of Immortals

    Artist – Chen Ruyan

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 14th Century

    Significance – Painter was imprisoned in the Yuan Dynasty. The painting shows a Daoist paradise (blue & green effect). Cranes are a symbol of immortality and it's political because the painter is longing to be somewhere else.
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    Title – Elegant Rocks & Sparse Trees

    Artist – Zhao Mengfu

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 13th-14th Century

    Significance – Old Trees
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    Title – Branches of Blossoming Plum

    Artist – Wang Mian

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century –1355

    Significance – Painter decided to paint to earn a living. It shows a literati theme because the painting shows painting, poetry, and calligraphy. The plant is a symbol for the person itself.
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