Test 6 Nursing Fundamentals

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  1. Trust vs Mistrust
    • Age Birth to 1 year
    • -Develops trust following consistency in caregiving and Nurturing interactions
    • - Distinguishes self from environment
  2. Autonomy vs Shame & Doubt
    • Age: 1-3 years
    • -Begins to communicate like and dislikes
    • -Increasingly independent in thoughts and actions
    • -Appreciates body appearance and function (including dressing, feeding, talking and walking)
  3. Initiative vs Guilt
    • Age: 3-6 years
    • -Identifies w/ Gender
    • -Enhances self-awareness
    • -Increases language skills, including identification of feelings
  4. Industry vs Inferiority
    • Age: 6-12 years
    • - Incorporates feedback from peers & teachers
    • -Increases self-esteem w/new skill mastery (reading, math, sports, music)
    • -Aware of strengths amd limitations
  5. Identity vs Role Confusion
    • Age: 12-20 years
    • -Accepts body changes/maturation
    • -Examines attitudes, values & beliefs; Establishes goals for the future
    • -Feels positive about expanded sense of self
  6. Intimacy vs Isolation
    • Age: Mid 20's- Mid 40's
    • -Has stable, positive feelings about self
    • -Experinces successful role transitions and increased responsibilities
  7. Generativity vs Self-Absorbtion
    • Age: Mid 40's- Mid 60's
    • -Able to accept changes in apperance and physical endurance
    • -Reassesses life goals
    • -Shows contentment w/aging
  8. Ego Integrity vs Despair
    • Age: Late 60's - Death
    • -Feels positive about life & its meaning
    • -Interested in providing a legacy for the next generation

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