Medical Terminology Test #1

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  1. The correct way to analyze the term melanocarcinoma is
  2. The combining form trich/o means
  3. The incision was made at the (pertaining to above) pole of the lesion or the...
  4. A substance that produces cancer is said to be a/an...
  5. The suffix that means control, stop, and standing is...
  6. In the term osteo/o/arthr/o/pathy, which part is the suffix?
  7. Cancer that has spread to another organ is called...
  8. A term that means abnormal condition of bluish discoloration is...
  9. A tumor composed of fat is a ...
  10. Where is the umbilical region located?
    mid-abdomen by the umbilicus
  11. The term epidermal is defined as pertainig to...
    upon the skin
  12. The term that means paleness is....
  13. The combining form of myc/o is defined as...
  14. What is the abbreviation fo rthe chronic inflammatory disease involving the skin, joint, kidneys and nervous system?
    SLE - systemic lupus erythematosus
  15. A chronic skin condition producing red lesions covered with silvery scales is
    psoriasis p.113
  16. The definition of leukoderma is
    White skin (white patches caused by depigmentation)
  17. What is the abbreviation for berry-shaped bacterium in twisted chaims
  18. What is the correct spelling for the term that means pertainig to the tail
  19. The suffix that means berry shapped is
    -coccus / -cocci
  20. A person lying down in any position would be in which position
  21. When on a cruise ship, many people wear a skin patch for the prevention or treatment of sea sickness; the term that indicates ow the medication is administered (through the skin) is...
  22. A person lying on their back facing upward would be in what position
  23. The term that means berry-shaped bacterium in twisted chains is...
  24. The combining form that means dust is...
  25. A condition characterized by white patches on the skin caused by the destruction of melanocytes associated with the autoimmune disorders is called
    vitiligo (p. 114)
  26. Tissue responsible for coordinating and controlling body activities is...
  27. The term that means invasion into the skin and hair by lice is...
    pediculosis p.113
  28. The term seborrhea is defined as
    excessive discharge of sebum
  29. The term that means pertaining to the internal organs of the body is...
  30. Teh term that means state of complete knowlede is...
  31. The term that means disease of the body is...
  32. The study of cells is...
  33. Which is the most common combining vowel
  34. All medical terms have at least oen of which word part
    word root
  35. The definition of the Fowler position is
    semi-sitting position with slight elevation of the knees
  36. A patient lying on their back with legs raised and feet in stirrups would be in which position
  37. The combining form that means red is
  38. The thoracic cavity contains which organs
  39. The abbreviation for the term that means pertaining to through the skin is
  40. Where is the epigastric region located
    above the umbilicus by the diaphragm
  41. Which term refers to the direction closest to the point of attachment
  42. The abbreviation of SqCCA indicates which condition
    squamous cell carcinoma p.113
  43. The medical term that means wart is
    verruca p. 132
  44. A combining form that mens flesh is
  45. The term rhytidoplasty means the
    surgical repair of wrinkles
  46. Removal of skin scars with an abrasive material such as sandpaper is called
  47. The physician ordered that the medication that the medication be administered by subcut injection or
  48. The structure in the cell that contains the chromosomes is
  49. The prefix that means after, beyond, change is...
  50. onychocryptosis
    abnormal condition of hidden nail (ingrown)
  51. remission
    improvement or absence of sign of disease
  52. eponym
    terms derived from the name of a person, often a physician or scientist who was first to identify a condition or technique
  53. exacerbation
    increase in severity of a disease or its symptoms
  54. mediolateral
    pertaining to the middle and to the side
  55. sagittal
    vertical field running through the body from front to back, dividing the body into righ and left sides
  56. rhabdomyosarcoma
    malignant tumor of striated muscle
  57. myopathy
    disease of the muscle
  58. melanocarcinoma
    cancerous black tumor
  59. debridement
    removal fo contaminated or dead tissue and foreign matter from an open wound
  60. suffix
    a word part attached to the end of the word root to modify its meaning
  61. transdermal
    pertaining to throuh the skin
  62. malignant
    tending to become progressively worse and to caue death, as in cancer
  63. benign
    not malignant, non-recurrent, favorable for recovery
  64. iatrogenic
    produced by a physician (unexpected results from tx prescribed by a physician)
  65. erythrocytosis
    increase in the number of RBCs
  66. pruritis
    severe itching
  67. dermatoconiosis
    abnormal condition of the skin caused by dust
  68. staphylococcus
    berry-shaped bacterium in grape like clusters (these bacteria cause many skin disease)
  69. prognosis
    state of before knowledge (prediction of outcome of disease)
  70. osteoarthropathy
    disease of bone and joint
  71. prone
    lying on abdomne, face downward
  72. fowler position
    semisitting position with slight elevation of knees
  73. carcinogenic
    producing cancer
  74. diaphoresis
    profuse sweating
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