El Cid vocabulario

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  1. Pelear
    To fight
  2. Desterrar
    To exile
  3. Traicionar
    To commit treason
  4. Prestar
    To loan/lend
  5. Huir
    To flee
  6. El botín
  7. Despedirse
    To say goodbye to
  8. La mordida
  9. Irse
    To leave
  10. Marcharse
    To leave
  11. Partir
    To leave
  12. Cabalgar
    To ride horseback
  13. Dirigirse a
    To direct
  14. Agradecer
    To thank
  15. Bendecir
    To bless
  16. Escaso
  17. Enterarse
    To inform oneself, to find out
  18. Herir
    To wound
  19. Agradar
    To please
  20. Al cabo de
    At the end
  21. Pertenecer
    To belong
  22. Derrotar
    To defeat
  23. Otorgar
    To grant
  24. Alegrarse
    To cheer up
  25. Cumplir
    To carry out, fulfill, comply
  26. Cavilar
    To hesitate
  27. La destreza
    Dexterity, skill
  28. Eregir
    To erect
  29. La senal (con tilde)
  30. Burlarse
    To mock
  31. Avergonzado
    To be ashamed
  32. Fingir
    To feign, pretend
  33. Rescatar
    To rescue, ransom
  34. Vengarse
    To avenge
  35. El aguero (with dots above the u)
  36. Volver en sí
    To come to
  37. Ocultar
    To hide
  38. Por si acaso
    Just in case
  39. Conceder
    To grant
  40. Entregar
    To hand over
  41. Derrotar
    To defeat
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