Arteries and veins

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  1. Celiac Trunk
    • Divides into:
    • Common hepatic (supplies livier and R stomach)
    • L gastric (supplies L stomach)
    • Splenic (supplies spleen)
  2. Superior Mesenteric a.
    Supplies: all of small intestines; proximal 2/3 of large intestines (ascending and transverse colon); pancreas
  3. Inferior Mesenteric a.
    Supplies: distal 1/3 of large intestine (descending and sigmoid colon, rectum)
  4. Veins of unpaired arteries drain into...
    Portal system
  5. Veins of paired arteries drain into...
    caval system
  6. Hepatic portal v.
    Carries blood from unpaired veins (mostly digestive organs) to the liver
  7. Hepatic v.
    drains liver into IVC
  8. Right Coronary a. (RCA)
    • Course: down R AV sulcus
    • Serves: R atrium; SA and AV nodes; posterior part of IVS
    • Anastomoses: circumflex and LAD
  9. SA nodal
    • Course: from RCA near origin up to SA node
    • Serves: SA node; pulmonary trunk
    • Anastomoses: none
  10. R marginal (acute)
    • Course: from RCA along inferior margin of heart to apex
    • Serves: R ventricle and apex of heart
    • Anastomoses: IV branches
  11. Posterior Interventricular
    • Course: from RCA (at crux of heart) down posterior IV groove to apex
    • Serves: R and L ventricles; posterior third of IVS
    • Anastomoses: anterior IV branch of LCA
  12. AV nodal
    • Course: RCA near origin of posterior IV a. to AV node
    • Serves: AV node (at crux of heart)
    • Anastomoses: none
  13. Left Coronary a. (LCA)
    • Course: L AV groove, gives off anterior IV and circumflex branches
    • Serves: most of L atrium and ventricle; IVS and AV bundles; may supply AV node
    • Anastomoses: RCA
  14. Anterior interventricular/L anterior descending (LAD)
    • Course: from LCA down anterior IV groove to apex
    • Serves: R and L ventricles; anterior two thirds of IVS
    • Anastomoses: Posterior IV branch of RCA
  15. Circumflex branch
    • Course: LCA to L AV sulcus to posterior surface of heart, stops at crus of heart
    • Serves: L atrium and ventricle
    • Anastomoses: RCA
  16. L marginal (obtuse)
    • Course: from circumflex branch down L margin of heart
    • Serves: L ventricle
    • Anastomoses: IV branches
  17. Great cardiac v.
    runs with the LAD, then posterior with circumflex merging into coronary sinus
  18. Middle cardiac v.
    runs with the posterior interventricular a.
  19. small cardiac v.
    runs with acute marginal and then posterior with RCA
  20. coronary sinus
    on posterior aspect of heart, drains into R atrium
  21. L marginal v.
    runs with obtuse marginal a.
  22. L posterior ventricular vein
    on back side of L ventricle between middle cardiac v. and L marginal v.
  23. anterior cardiac vv.
    drain R atrium directly into R atrium
  24. Azygos
    drains into SVC; drains posterior thoracic wall (R directly, L via hemiazygos [lower] and accessory hemiazygos [upper])
  25. Branches of thoracic aorta:
    • brachiocephalic trunk
    • L common carotid a.
    • L subclavian a.
    • posterior intercostal a.
    • esophageal a.
    • bronchial a.
  26. Internal thoracic a.
    branches off subclavian a. - is inside thorax but outside pleura; gives rise to anterior intercostals. Splits into superior epigastric and musculophrenic
  27. Branches of external carotid a.
    • Some Angry Lady Figured Out PMS
    • superior thyroid
    • ascending pharyngeal
    • lingual
    • facial
    • occipital
    • posterior auricular
    • maxillary
    • superficial temporal
  28. Superior thyroid a.
    • supplies:
    • thyroid
    • larynx
    • thyroid gland
  29. Ascending pharyngeal a.
    supplies: nasopharynx
  30. Lingual a.
    Supplies: muscles of tongue
  31. Facial a.
    • Only a. that crosses over mandible; anterior to masseter
    • Supplies:
    • most muscles of face
    • platysma
    • face below eyes
  32. Occipital a.
    Crosses SCM to supply back of head
  33. Posterior Auricular a.
    • Superior to posterior belly of digastric
    • Supplies: posterior to auricular
  34. Maxillary a.
    • "Deep facial"
    • Deep to mandible
    • Supplies: muscles of mastication; TMJ; mylohyoid
    • source of middle meningeal a.
  35. Superficial temporal a.
    Supplies: lateral face
  36. Branches of Subclavian a.
    • vertebral
    • internal thoracic
    • thyrocervical trunk
    • costocervical
  37. Vertebral a.
    • branch of subclavian a., travels posteriorly and superiorly to enter transverse foramen at C6, crosses groove on C1 and into foramen magnum.
    • Supplies: brain
  38. Superior Epigastric a.
    • Branch of internal thoracic a., goes down abdominal wall
    • Supplies: anterior abdominal wall
  39. Musculophrenic a.
    • Branch of internal thoracic., goes around ribcage.
    • Supplies: lateral abdominal wall
  40. Thyrocervical trunk
    • Divides into:
    • Suprscapular - supplies muscles of RC
    • Transverse cervical - superficial: supplies middle and posterior scalenes; trapezius. Deep: supplies dorsal scapular a.
    • Inferior thyroid - supplies thyroid
  41. Costocervical Trunk
    Supplies: first rib; prevertebral mm.
  42. Internal Jugular v.
    • Descends in carotid sheath.
    • Drains: brain
  43. External jugular v.
    • Goes over SCM
    • Drains: face
  44. Anterior jugular v.
    • Runs up anterior neck - variable
    • Drains: face and neck
  45. Facial veins...
    do not have valves
  46. Danger triangle of face
    • Bridge of nose down to corners of mouth
    • many veins in this area drain into brain --> increased risk of infection to brain
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