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  1. Speech delivered word for word from prepared text
    Manuscript Speech
  2. Process of pronouncing all parts of word
  3. Study of body movement, gestures, and posture
  4. Speed at which you speak
  5. Synonymous with loudness
  6. Believability of speaker or other source of information
    Impromptu speech
  7. Speech that is planned in advance but presented in direct, conversational manner
    Extemporaneous speech
  8. Common cause of nervousness
    Poor practice
  9. NOT proper with respect to use of visual aid
    Statistics demonstrated by visual aid should not be rounded off
  10. Words with more than one dictionary meaning
    Equivocal terms
  11. NOT important with regard to speaker's awareness of audience when choosing speech material
    Knowing personal background of introductory speaker
  12. NOT appropriate opening techniques for speech
    Making an apology
  13. NOT general purpose for making speech
    To distract
  14. Emotional tone of relationship as expressed in messages that partners send and receive defines
  15. Excessive written or verbal communication
    Message overload
  16. Arrangement of words in sentence
  17. More pleasant sounding words used in place of more direct, less pleasant terms
  18. Response with no spoken words
  19. In decision making, what is defined as "when all group members are in agreement"
  20. Human survival skill needed to maintain contact with world
  21. Process of deliberately revealing information about oneself that is significant and would not normally be known by others
    Self disclosure
  22. Incorrect thoughts that lead us to believe we have heard message before
    Faulty assumptions
  23. Disconfirming response with more than one meaning
  24. Listening that involves listening to understand another person or idea
    Informational listening
  25. Speech that is learned and delivered by rote without written text
    Memorized speech
  26. Feedback
    Discernible response of receiver
  27. John's speech instructor told John he would have to speak louder. John needs to work on
  28. Bob debated with himself as to what the correct answer was, but finally chose correct one. Example of
    Intrapersonal communication
  29. Listening where goal is to judge quality or accuracy of speaker's remarks
    Evaluative listening
  30. Objective, emotion-free meanings of term
  31. Misinterpretation of non-verbal symbol
    Personal space
  32. Misinterpretation of verbal symbol
    Relative terms
  33. Highness or lowness of voice
  34. Communication in which two parties involved consider one another as individuals
    Interpersonal communication
  35. Listening where goal is to help speaker solve problem
    Empathetic listening
  36. Worker is drilling hole in street just outside classroom making it nearly impossible for students to hear instructor
  37. Ideal time limit for speech
    20 minutes
  38. Pope reads speech word-for-word from prepared text
    Manuscript speech
  39. Linda was attending Optimis Club meeting, after her arrival she was asked to give speech concerning her vocation at the meeting
    Impromptu speech
  40. "dealing with the meaning of words"
  41. Disconfirming response with more than one meaning, leaving other party unsure of responder's position
    Ambiguous response
  42. Receiver focusing on speaker's voice, screening out all other stimuli
  43. Communication with refers to those aspects of communication behavior that occur within the individual
    Intrapersonal communication
  44. Sarah is listening to Cathy and trying hard to understand her ideas on the subject
    Informational listening
  45. End sentence in which last word is abbreviated you should use
  46. Communication which goes beyond doors of your business
    External communication
  47. Communication refers to wholesale distribution of identical copies of same message to persons or receivers unknown to sender and unknown to each other in any sense of interaction
  48. Act of attempting to influence behavior and thinking of another person or group of people
  49. Business communications that are sent to receivers within company
    Internal communication
  50. Words that are pronounced like another word but have different meaning and usually spelled differently
  51. Complete sentence that describes central idea of speech and usually found in first paragraph
    Thesis statement
  52. Initiates communication process
  53. Medium a sender selects to send message
  54. External communication includes
    Personal letters, Congratulatory notes, Letters of reference
  55. Approach to conflict resolution in which neither party achieves its goals
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