Dental Assisting

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  1. Calcium hydroxide _____.
    Stimulates the production of reparative dentin
  2. Etchant removes the ______ layer in preparation for bonding.
  3. Class II restorations are found on ______.
    Posterior Teeth
  4. A veneer is applied to the _____ surface of a prepared tooth.
  5. An impression is a _____ reproduction of teeth and surrounding oral tissues, and the model created from the impression is a ____ reproduction of the structures.
    Negative; Positive
  6. The irreversible hydrocolloid material used most widely for preliminary impression is ______.
  7. A necrotic pulp _____ respond to cold.
    Will Not
  8. An inflamation of the pulp, which is able to heal itself, is ______ pulpitis.
  9. Nylon and silk sutures _____ absorbed by the body.
    Are Not
  10. The primary cause of gingivitis and most forms of periodontal disease is:
  11. Then depth of a periodontal pocket is measured with a(n):
    Periodontal Probe
  12. To surgically reshape the bone, to remove defects, and to restore normal contours, a(n) _________ is performed.
  13. Root caries can occur only on the facial surfaces.
  14. Decay that develops rapidly and is widespread throughout the mouth is termed:
    Rampant Caries
  15. The Hawley is a:
    Removable Retainer
  16. Headgear should not be worn during:
    Vigorous Activities
  17. Once the arch wire is positioned in the brackets, it is ______ in place.
  18. Before placing an arch wire, the wire can be measured _______.
    In the Patient's Mouth or On the Patient's Diagnostic Casts
  19. After ligating brackets and trimming the ligature, the pigtail is directed toward:
    3 mm
  20. A(n) _____ is used to control immediate postoperative bleeding.
    Gauze Pressure Pack
  21. Osseointegration is:
    The Attachment of Bone to the Dental Implant
  22. What are the three categories of implants?
    Endosteal, Subperiosteal, and Transosteal
  23. Alveolitis is the medical term for the condition known as:
    Dry Socket
  24. The type of implant that is placed directly into the bone is:
  25. During a surgical procedure, personal protective equipment (PPE) includes:
    Protective Eyewear and Sterile Gloves
  26. Sealants are placed to:
    Prevent Decay on Erupted Teeth
  27. Direct pulp capping encourages the formation of secondary dentin over the exposed pulp.

    A. True

    B. False
  28. A(n) _______ can placed on a primary tooth that is no longer vital.
    Stainless Steel Crown
  29. A space can be maintained with a:
    Fixed Space Maintainer
  30. Who in the dental office is legally required to report child abuse?
  31. ________ are used in the low-speed handpiece to place sealer and cements into the canals.
    Lentulo Spirals
  32. The irrigation of choice during a root canal therapy is:
    Distilled Water
  33. The teeth most frequently injured by toddlers are the:
    Maxillary Incisors
  34. Exogenous stains are caused by enviromental sources and are classified into subdivision, including which of the following?
    Intrinsic Stains and Extrinic Stains
  35. Which of the following is an example of a fixed prosethesis?
    Three-Unit Bridge
  36. A post can be used as retention aid for a crown, provided that the tooth ______.
    Has Been Treated Endodontically
  37. A _____ crown does not cover the entire anatomic portion of the tooth.
  38. The _____ is not a component of a removable partial denture.
    Post Dam
  39. Which is an example of the intraoral factors influencing the choice of a removable prosthesis?
    Residual Alveolar Ridge, Mental Health, Patient Motivation.
  40. What term is used to describe chewing?
  41. Which of the following is a quality of a good listener?
    Maintains eye contact with the sender
  42. What is the primary function of the clinical record?
    To Provide a total picture of the patient and the patients needs
  43. The key elements of record keeping include organization, completeness, and:
  44. If a mistake is made in the clinical record, what procedure should be followed to make the correction?
    Cross out error with a single line, date and initial the error, and then write he correct information
  45. When writing an objective on your resume you should include all the following, except:
    Your expected salary range
  46. What is the primary purpose of the cover letter?
    Introduces you to a prospective employer
  47. The removable prosthesis that replaces all of the teeth on one dental arch is a _____.
    Removable full denture
  48. Dental varnish is used in the cavity prepartion to _____.
    Seal Dentinal tubules and Reduce leakage around a restoration
  49. Protective basis are placed when it is necessary to protect the pulp before the restoration is placed, because without this protection there may be _____.
    Postoperative sensitivity and damage to the pulp
  50. When you are accepting a job offer, your decision should be based on all of the following, except:
    Identity of your direct supervisor
  51. When you have decided to leave a job, what is the most appropriate way to emform your employer?
    Personally tell your direct supervisor, and follow up with a letter of resignation
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