Anatomy Test 2

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  1. What is congenital disease?
    Disease present at birth
  2. What is signs
    measurable objective changes in a person
  3. what are Symptoms
    subjective changes felt by a client
  4. What are syndromes
    a group of signs and symptoms that identify a condition
  5. What is comunicable disease
    disease that can be spread
  6. What is remission
    reversal signs of symptoms
  7. What is pharmacology
    the study of drugs to treat disease
  8. What is epidemiology
    study of frequency transmission and occurance of disease
  9. What is etiology
    Study of all factors involved in causing a disease
  10. what is pathogenesis
    the study of development of disease
  11. what is idiopathic
    the unsure origin of a disease
  12. what is the cause of disease
    various injurious agents on cell and tissues causing biochemical or structual damage
  13. What is acute
    temporary sudden localized pain
  14. what is subacute
    between acute and chronic
  15. What is chronic
    pain for 6+ weeks
  16. What is parenchymal cells
    cell that are the same as the original ones
  17. What are stromal cells
    Cells that are different than the original ones
  18. What is the essencial functional unit of the nervous system
    a neuron
  19. what support and protects specialized tissue
  20. what 3 parts does the CNS consist of
    Brain, Spinal Cord, & Covering
  21. What is the autonomic nervous system responsible for
    regulating cardiovascular ,respritory, endocrine, and other automatic body funtions
  22. what the the 2 divisions of the autonomic nervous system
    sympathetic & parasympathetic
  23. What is afferent
    Carries sensary messages to the brain
  24. What is efferent
    Carries impuses away from the brain
  25. Where do the somatic nervous system messages travel to
  26. Where do the Autonomic nervous system message travel to
    glands, heart, and smooth muscles
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