Español Comercial: Vocabulario (Capítulo 3) SPAN 3040

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  1. administracíon
    administration, management
  2. administrador/a
  3. aguinaldo
    Christmas bonus
  4. alto mando
    upper management
  5. asesor/a
    consultant, advisor
  6. aviso
    ad, advertisement, warning, announcement
  7. bajo mando
    first-line management
  8. bolsa de empleo
    employment agency
  9. búsqueda
  10. captación
  11. cazacerebros, cazatalentos
    headhunter, talent scout
  12. cita
  13. cumplimiento
    fulfillment, achievement
  14. dedazo
    selection of family members or personal friends for a position (figuratively by pointing them out with a finger), nepotism
  15. dedocracia
    system of making appointments or selections based on the dedazo (nepotism)
  16. desempeño
    performance, fulfillment, a carrying out of duties
  17. dirección
    management, board of directors; direction
  18. educación
    manners, upbringing; schooling, education (Latin America), usually refers to a college or university education
  19. ensamblaje (m)
  20. fomentar
    to foster, encourage, promote
  21. formación
    education, formation (specific to a particular job or occupation)
  22. funcionario
    staff member, employee, official
  23. gerente
  24. gestor/a
    manager, business representative
  25. guiar
    to guide, direct
  26. indistinto
    inmaterial (does not matter)
  27. inverventor/a
    comptroller, auditor
  28. inversionista
  29. jornal (m)
    day's wages
  30. líder
  31. liderar
    to lead
  32. liderato, liderazgo
  33. llevar a cabo
    to carry out, conclude
  34. maquiladora
    asssembly plant, in-band plant
  35. medio mando
    middle management
  36. nombramiento
    appointment (to a position)
  37. obrero
    worker, blue-collar worker, laborer
  38. pauta
    model, guideline
  39. plazo
    time period, deadline
  40. postulante
    job candidate, applicant
  41. recompensa
  42. retribuido
    compensated, repaid
  43. salario
    wages, pay
  44. trato
    treatment, manner of dealing with
  45. tutearse
    to use the familiar form of address, deal with someone on a first name basis (to address people as )
  46. tuteo
    the familiar form of address, first name basis (addressing people as)
  47. vosear
    • to use the familiar form of address, deal with someone on a first name basis (Central America and Southern Cone)
    • to use the pronoun vos (instead of )
  48. voseo
    the familiar form of adress, first name basis (Central America and Southern Cone), use of vos (instead of as the familiar pronoun)
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