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  1. perpetrator %
    • 80.1% parent
    • 6.5% other relative
    • 56.2% women
  2. increase in child fatality may be attributable to:
    • better reporting and better data management
    • 40% <1 yo
    • 15% 1 yo
    • 11.2% 2
    • 7.6% 3
    • may also be from accidents
  3. CPS process
    • intake and screening
    • initial assessment/investigation
    • familyassess.
    • service planning
    • evaluation ofprogress
    • case closed
    • 1997 adoption and safe families act
  4. 1997 adoption and safe families act
    child safety is first priority. must assess safety (of immediate harm) and assess risk forfuture harm
  5. familycourt jurisdiction
    allmattersinvolving domastic or family relationships, including child mal.
  6. who prosecutes the case in family court
    solisitors office
  7. status offeneses
    offenses that require intervention but do not constitute criminal behavior (runaway, truancy, disobediance..)
  8. juvenile justice and delinquency prevention act 1974
    status offenders not to be placed at detention facilities with delinquents
  9. 14th amendment
    guaruntees due process so that families live together without government interference
  10. 4th amendment
    protects citizens against illegal search and seizure by police and government social workers
  11. Merits hearing
    • may appoint attorney, GAL or CASA
    • cps has burden of proof
  12. reasons why kids return to foster care
    • history of maltreatment is best predictor of future maltreatment
    • neglected children at further risk of physical and sexual abuse
    • domestic violence and parental conflict
    • poverty
    • substance abuse
    • premature reunification
  13. legislative branch defines
    the crimes and prescribes the punishment
  14. judicial branch-
    includes the courts systems
  15. criminal procedure
    • crime
    • investigation
    • prosecutor proceedes or dismisses
    • indictment
    • arraignment
    • preliminary hearing
    • plea bargain
    • trial
    • sentencing
    • victim impact statement
  16. indictment
    • document that grand jury forwards to appropriate court
    • formal charge
  17. arraignment
    judge explains charges appoints attorney decides on bail
  18. 5th amendment
    right to remain silent
  19. 6th amendment
    right to be informed of charges, have attorney, speedy and public trial, impartial jury, confront and cross examin witnesses
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