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  1. mai4 shen2 me
    What do you sell? 买什么
  2. zhe4 shi4 shen2 me (dong1 xi)
    What is this (thing)? 这是什么东西
  3. zhe4 ge jiao4 shen2 me
    What is this called? 这个叫什么
  4. you3 shen2 me yong4
    What's it for? 有什么用
  5. rang4 wo3 kan4 kan bad
    Let me look at it 让我看看吧
  6. rang4 wo3 ting1 ting ba
    Let me hear it 让我听听吧
  7. rang4 wo3 wen2 wen ba
    Let me smell it 让我闻闻吧
  8. rang4 wo3 chang2 chang ba
    Let me taste it 让我尝尝吧
  9. rang4 wo3 mo1 mo ba
    Let me touch it 让我摸摸吧
  10. neng2 shi4 yi2 xia4 ma
    Can I try it? 能试一下吗
  11. wo3 kan4
    Let me see/think 我看
  12. kan4 ba
    We'll see 看吧
  13. hao3 kan4
    Good looking/pretty 好看
  14. hao3 wen2
    Good smelling 好闻
  15. bu4 hao3 kan4
    not goog looking / ugly 不好看
  16. nan2 kan4
    Not good looking /ugly (difficulty looking) 难看
  17. nan2 ting1
    terrible sounding 难听
  18. ta1 jiao4 wo3 lai2
    He asked me to come 他叫我来
  19. ta1 jiao4 ni3
    He's calling. / He's shouting for you. 他叫你
  20. gou3 jiao4
    a dog's bark 狗叫

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