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  1. What color do plants not use
  2. Where does Photosynethesis take place
    Plant cell
  3. What does photosynthesis transform
    Solar energy
  4. Chloroplast carries out
  5. What two main items do plants use
    carbon dioxide and water
  6. Oil Rog>> Referes to electron
    • Oxidation is Lost
    • Reduction is gained
    • Referes to electron
  7. Oil Rig....CO2+H2O------->
  8. What are th two types of reactions in Photosynthesis
    Dark reaction(calvin cycle) and Light reacton(requires light)
  9. Non-Cyclic- Requires light
    Light reacton
  10. What two things do light reactions produce
    ATP and NADPH
  11. What takes place in the thylkoid Membrane
    Light reaction
  12. What takes place in the Stroma
    Dark reaction
  13. Where is the stroma located
    In the Thylkoid membrane
  14. Where is the thylkoid membrane located
    in Chloroplast
  15. Where is chloroplast located
    in the stoma
  16. The first step in PII
    Water and oxygen are both split .. Oxygens bond together and hydrogens become a charge
  17. When water spilt H2O turns to
    2H 1/2 O2.. the hydrogens go back into the cycle
  18. The main purpose of phtosynthesis
    To fixes the carbon into a solid for the calvin cycle
  19. What does the Dark reaction require
    ATP ADPH Carbon
  20. In the Light reaction _____ Went in and _______ came out
    Water Oxygen
  21. In the dark reaction _______ goes in and _____ comes out
    Carbon dioxide and sugar
  22. How many PGALs make a carbon
  23. What plants operate where not oxygen is
    C-4 plants
  24. Stoma is what
    Stroma is what
    • Stoma-opening of plant
    • Stroma-space between
  25. C-4 Plants
  26. A series of reactions that occur in plants when carbon dioxide levels are depleted but oxygen continues to accumulate.
  27. What plants keep stoma open and are subset of c-4 plants
    Cam plants

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