Microbiology (history)

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  1. Reported that living things are composed of littke boxes or cells.
    Robert Hooke
  2. Said cells arise from pre-existing life "cell theory"
    Rudolf Virchow
  3. Described living "animalcules" observed in teeth scappings, rain water and perppercorn infusions
    Anton Van Leewenhoek
  4. Demonstratured that micro-organisms are present in the air, S-shape flask kept micorbes out but let in air, Paterization and fermentation
    Louis Pasteur
  5. Showed silk worm disease caused by fungus
    Agostino bassi
  6. Advocated handwashing to prevent transmission of puerperal (childbearing) disease
    Ignoz Semmelwise
  7. Used chemical disinfectant to prevent surgical wound infections
    Joseph Lister
  8. Proved bacterium causes anthrax, provided expiermental steps to prove that a specific microbes caused a specific disease,
    Robert Koch, "Koch postulates"
  9. Innoculated a person with cowpox virus, person then immuned to small pox
    Vacca=cow, immunity
    Edward Jenner
  10. Speculated about a "magic bullet" that could destroy a pathogen without harming the host, developed synthetic arsenic drug "salvarsan" to treat sphyillis
    Paul Ehrillich
  11. discovered 1st anitbiotic, pencillium fungus made penicillin
    Alexander Fleming
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Microbiology (history)
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