Lab 1 Test Microscopes

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  1. Base
    supports microscope
  2. Substage Light
    located in base, light passes directly upward
  3. Stage
    • platform slide rests on while being viewed, has hole in it to permit light to pass through
    • some have spring clips or a mechanical stage with two adjustable knobs that control movment of the specimen
  4. Condenser
    • small substage lense that concentrates the light on the specimen
    • may have a knob that raises and lowers the condenser to vary light delivery
  5. Iris Diaphragm Level
    arm attached to base of condenser that regulates the amount of light passing trough
  6. Course Adjustment Knob
    used to focus on the specimen
  7. Fine Adjustment Knob
    used for precise focusing once coarse focusing has been completed
  8. Head
    supports the objective lenses system and the ocular lens(es)
  9. Arm
    vertical portion of the microscope connecting the base and head
  10. Ocular
    • one or two lenses at the superior end of the head
    • has magnification of 10x
  11. Nosepiece
    • rotating mechanism at the base of the head
    • carries three to four objective lenses
    • use to change objective lenses
  12. Objective Lenses
    • adjustable lens system:
    • RED 4x (scanning power)
    • YELLOW 10x (lower power)
    • BLUE 40x (higher power)
    • WHITE 100x (oil immersion)
  13. Parfocal
    When you move from one objective to another, the picture will still stay focused.
  14. Resolution
    The ability to discriminate two close objects as seperate.
  15. Field of View (FOV)
    • The diameter of the circle of light you see when looking into the microscope.
    • As power gets greater - FOV gets smaller.
  16. Total Magnification
    Equal to the power of the ocular lens multipied by the power of the objective lens.
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