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  1. blasto
    developing cell
  2. chromato
  3. erythro
  4. hemo
  5. imuno
  6. leuko
  7. lymohi
    clear water, fluid
  8. mono
  9. myelo
    • bone marrow'
    • also means spinal cord, medulla, myelin sheath
  10. nucleo
    kernel, nucleus
  11. patho
  12. plaso
  13. poikilo
  14. strepto
    twisted or gnarled
  15. thermo
  16. thrombo
  17. thymo
    wart like, thymus gland
  18. toxo
  19. viro
  20. -crit
    to separate
  21. -cyte
  22. -emia, hernia
    condition of the blood
  23. -globin
    globe like protien
  24. -lysis
    to loosen, dissolve
  25. -osis
    condition of
  26. =penia
    • abnormal reduction in number,
    • deficiency
  27. -pexy
    surgical fixation, suspension
  28. -phil, -philia
    loving, affinity for
  29. -phylaxis
  30. -poiesis
  31. -stasis
    standing still
  32. -therapy
  33. botulism
    form of poisening caused by the ingestion of food contaminated with toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum
  34. diphtheria
    disease caused by a bacterium and its toxin, resulting in inflammation of mucous membranes, primarily in the mouth and throuat
  35. Hodgkins disease
    • cancer of lumphatic tissue
    • characterized by the progrssive enlargement of lymph nodes, fatigue, and deficiency of the immune response
  36. influenza
    viral disease characterized by a temporary inflammation of mucous membranes and fever. The flue.
  37. malaria
    disease caused by a parasitix protazoan that infects red blood cells and is carried by mosquitoes. periodic fever and fatigue
  38. plague
    any infectious disease of wide prevalence or excessive mortality, also refers specifically to an iacute infectious disease caused by the bacterium.
  39. tetanus
    disease caused by a powerful neurotoxin released by the common bacterium clostridium tetani. the toxin acts upon the cnetral nervous system to vause convulsions and paralsis
  40. attenuation
    process in which pathogens are rendered less virulent, prior to their incorporation into a vaccine preparaion
  41. blood chemistry
    test or series of tests on blood samples to measure the levels of particular components- glucose, cholesterol ect
  42. blood culture
    test to determine infection in the blood by placing a blood sample on a nutritive media in an effort to grow populations of bacteria for analysus
  43. coagulation time
    timed blood test to determine the time required for a blood clot to form. One type of this test, prothrombin time, measures the time required for prothrombin, a precursor protien, to form thrombin and is often used to monitor anticlotting therapy. Another type of test is partial thromboplastin time, which is used to evaluate clotting ability
  44. complete blood count
    • a common laboratory blood test that provides diagnostic information of a patients general health. includes several more specific tests including hermatacrit, hemoglobin, red blood count, and white blood count
    • CBC
  45. differential count
    microscopic count of the number of each type of white blood cell, using a stained blood smear
  46. erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    • a timed test to measure the rate at which red blood cells fall through a colume of plasma to provide information on their hemoglobin content commonly used to evaluate nonspecific systematic inflammation
    • ESR
  47. pheresis
    • removal of a donors blood, which is then separated into blood components, which one portion retained for use and the remainder returned to the donor. Includes plasmapheresis, in which plasma is used, and leukapheresis, in which white blood cells are used, and plateletpheresis, in which platelets are used.
    • PLT
  48. AIDS
    acquired immune dificiency syndrome
  49. CBC
    complete blood ocunt
  50. ESR
    erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  51. HCT
  52. HGB
  53. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
  54. INR
    international normalized ratio
  55. LAS
    lymphadenopathy syndrome
  56. PCP
    pneumocystis carinni pneumonia
  57. PLT
    platelet count
  58. PT
    prothrombin time
  59. PTT
    partial thromboplastin time
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