Engwish Vocab Arms

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  1. edifying
    instructing and improving especially in moral and religious knowledge
  2. feigned
    not genuine or real
  3. Bacchus
    the Greek god of wine
  4. valorous
    valiant, courageous
  5. armoire
    a usually tall cupboard or wardrobe
  6. gaunt
    excessively thin and angular
  7. gingerly
    very cautious or careful
  8. felicitations
    offering congradulations to
  9. exalted
    raised in rank, power or character
  10. compatriots
    a person born, residing or holding citizenship in the same country as another
  11. elated
    marked by high spirits
  12. exhilaration
    the state of being cheerful and excited
  13. scrutinizing
    examining closely and minutely
  14. depreciatingly
    lowering in value
  15. haughty
    blatantly and disdainfully proud
  16. provisional
    serving for the time being, temporary
  17. tentatively
    not fully worked out or developed
  18. protracted
    prolonged in time or space, extended forward or outward
  19. anesthetize
    to subject to anesthesia, or painkiller
  20. gratuitously
    given unearned or without compromise
  21. octagon
    polygon of eight angles and sides
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