vocab workshop unit 9

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  1. allocate
    • v. to set apart or designate for a special purpose; to distribute
    • syn: assign, allot, apportion
  2. ardent
    • adj. very enthusiastic, impassioned
    • syn: intense, zealous, fervent, avid
    • ant: indifferent, stolid, phlegmatic, apathetic
  3. assiduous
    • adj. persistent, attentive, diligent
    • syn: industrious, unremitting, sedulous
    • ant: lazy, lackadaisical, shiftless
  4. brash
    • adj. prone to act in a hasty manner; impudent
    • syn: rash, impetuous, brazen, impertinent
    • ant: prudent, wary, cautious, circumspect
  5. capricious
    • adj. subject to whims or passing fancies
    • syn: impulsive, fickle, unpredictable, mercucial
    • ant: constant, steady, steadfast, unwavering
  6. chastise
    • v. to inflict physical punishment as a means of correction; to scold severly
    • syn: discipline, censure
    • ant: commend, reward
  7. copious
    • adj. abundant; plentiful; wordy, verbose
    • syn:ample, profuse, bountiful
    • ant: inadequate, meager, scanty, concise
  8. deviate
    • v. to turn aside; to stray from a norm
    • n. one who departs from a norm
    • adj. differing from a norm, heterdox, unconventional
    • syn: (v) diverge, veer, swerve
    • ant: (v) conform to, abide by (adj) orthodox
  9. emaciated
    • adj, part. unnaturally thin
    • syn: gaunt, withered, shriveled
    • ant: plump, fat, obese, corpulent
  10. exult
    • v. to rejoice greatly
    • syn: revel, glory
    • ant: mope, sulk, regret, rue, lament
  11. gnarled
    • adj. knotted, twisted, lumpy
    • syn: knotty, misshapen, contorted
    • ant: smooth, unblemished, straigh
  12. indemnity
    • n. a payment for damage or loss
    • syn: compensation, restitution, reparation
  13. inkling
    • n. a hint; a vague notion
    • syn: clue, intimation, suggestion
  14. limpid
    • adj. clear, transparent; readily understood
    • syn: lucid, intelligible
    • ant: clouded, murky, opaque
  15. omnipotent
    • adj. almighty, having unlimited power or authority
    • syn: all-powerful
    • ant: powerless, impotent, feeble, weak
  16. palatable
    • adj. agreeable to the taste or one's sensibilities; suitable for consumption
    • syn: edible, appetizing, attractive
    • ant: inedible, distasteful, disageeable
  17. poignant
    • adj. deeply affecting, touching; keen or sharp in taste or smell
    • syn: heartrending, bittersweet, melancholy
    • ant: unaffecting, bland, vapid, insipid, funny
  18. rancor
    • n. bitter resentment or ill-will
    • syn: animosity, enmity, bitterness
    • ant: goodwill, harmony, rapport, amity
  19. sophmoric
    • adj. immature and overconfident; conceited
    • syn: pretentious, superficial, fatuous
    • ant: mature, judicious, sage, knowledgeable
  20. spontaneous
    • adj. arising naturally; not planned or engineered in advance
    • syn: unpremeditated, unplanned, improptu
    • ant: premeditated, planned, contrived, rehearsed
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