GI Terms Quiz 1

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  1. anorexia
    loss of appetite (orexia = appetite)
  2. aphagia
    inability to swallow
  3. ascites
    accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity (ascos = bag)
  4. buccal
    in the cheek
  5. diarrhea
    frequent loose or liquid stools
  6. constipation
    infrequent or incomplete bowel movements characterized by hardened, dry stool that is difficult to pass (constipo = to press together)
  7. dyspepsia
    indigestion (pepsis = digestion)
  8. dysphagia
    difficulty in swallowing
  9. eructation
  10. flatulence
    gas in teh stomach or intestines (flatus = a blowing)
  11. halitosis
    bad breath (halitus = breath)
  12. hematemesis
    vomiting blood
  13. hematochezia
    red blood in stool (chezo = defecate)
  14. hepatomegaly
    enlargement of the liver
  15. hyperbilirubinemia
    excessive level of bilirubin (bile pigment) in the blood
  16. icterus/jaundice
    yellow discoloration of the skin, sclera (white of the eye), and other tissues caused by excessive bilirubin in the blood (jaundice = yellow)
  17. melena
    dark-colored, tarry stool caused by old blood
  18. nausea
    feeling sick in the stomach
  19. steatorrhea
    feces containing fat
  20. sublingual/hypoglossal
    under the tongue
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