Physio Exam 1

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  1. Levels of Organization
    • Atom
    • Molecules
    • Macromolecules
    • -Carbs
    • -Lipids
    • -Proteins
    • -Nucleic Acids
    • Cell
    • Tissue
    • Organ
    • Organ System
    • Organism
  2. Scientific Method
    • Observation
    • Question
    • Hypothesis
    • Make a Predicition
    • Run Experiment
    • Falsify or Support it
  3. Homestasis
    Maintain a consistent internal environment
  4. Normal Arterial pH
  5. Nomral Fasting Glucose
    75-110 mg/100 ml
  6. NFL for Temperature
    Too Cold
    • Sensor: internal thermo receptors
    • Integrator: Internal center-Hypothalamus
    • Effector: Muscle (shivering), erector pili muscle, vasoconstriction near skin
    • Behavioral Effect-Get a blanket
  7. NFL
    Postural Hypotension (Lying down to standing)
    • Sensor: Baroreceptors (aortic Arch/Carotid)
    • Integrator: Medulla Oblongata
    • Effector: Heart-raise heart rate, vasoconstrict
  8. NFL
    High Glucose
    • Sensor: Beta cells on pancreatic islets
    • Integrator: same as sensor when with endocrine system. Secrete Insulin
    • Effector: Liver, muscle and fat (adipose)
  9. NFL
    Low Glucose
    • Sensor: Alpha Cells of pancreatic islets. Remember LOW and aLpha. Both have L's
    • Integrator: Same-secrete glucagon
    • Effector-liver, adipose (release FAs)
  10. Atom
    • Smallest unit of matter than can undergo a chemical reaction.
    • Can bond with another atom
  11. Element
    Atoms with a consistent or same number of protons. This determines the characteristics
  12. Covalent Bonds
    Sharing a pair of electrons

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