Spanish 1-c

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  1. Tener
    To have
  2. Venir
    to come
  3. Cerrar
    To close
  4. Comenzar
    To begin (start)
  5. Despertarse
    To wake up
  6. Querer
    To want ( To love)
  7. Divertirse
    To have fun (To enjoy)
  8. Empezar(a)
    To start (begin)
  9. Entender
    To understand
  10. Recomendar
    To recommend
  11. Pensar
    To think (plan)
  12. preferir
    To prefer
  13. Sentarse
    To sit down
  14. Sentirse
    To feel
  15. Mentir
    To lie
  16. Perder
    To lose
  17. Sugerir
    To suggest
  18. Regar
    To water
  19. Defender
    To defend
  20. Jugar
    To play
  21. Acostarse
    To go to bed
  22. Almorzar
    To eat lunch
  23. Contar
    To count or tell
  24. Costar
    To cost
  25. Doler
    To hurt
  26. Dormir
    To sleep
  27. Encontrar
    To find or meet
  28. Morir
    To die
  29. Poder
    To be able to (can)
  30. Recordar
    To remember
  31. Volver
    to return (self)
  32. Revolver
    to revolve
  33. Devolver
    To return (an item)
  34. Resolver
    To solve
  35. Probar
    To try or taste
  36. Envolver
    To surround, wrap
  37. Mostrar
    To show
  38. Decir
    To say or tell
  39. Seguir
    To follow
  40. conseguir
    To get or obtain
  41. repetir
    To repeat
  42. Servir
    To serve
  43. pedir
    To ask for or order
  44. Vestirse
    To get dressed
  45. Medir
    To measure
  46. Reirse
    To laugh
  47. sonreirse
    To smile
  48. renir
    To scold or quarrel
  49. impedir
    to impede or stop
  50. freir
    To fry
  51. despedirse de
    To say goodbye to
  52. Conocer
    To know (facts or numbers)
  53. Dar
    To give
  54. Ver
    To see
  55. Saber
    To know (people and places)
  56. Poner
    To put
  57. Hacer
    To do or make
  58. Traer
    To bring
  59. Salir
    To leave or go out
  60. Oir
    To hear
  61. Decir
    To day or tell
  62. Crecer
    To grow
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