psych 1

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  1. detection of physical energy emitted or reflected by physical objects
  2. sense organs
    • eyes
    • ears
    • skin
    • nose
    • tongue
  3. set of mental operations that organizes sensory impulses into meaningful patterns
  4. sensation and perception are the ______ of learning, thinking, and acting and are usually accurate
  5. sensory organs recieve stimulus to specialized cells :
    receptor cells
  6. signals are transfered into neural impulses
  7. all sensations except smell go through the :
  8. the smallest amount of stimuli you can detect 50% of the time
    absolute threshhold
  9. 1 teaspoon of sugar in ___ gallons of water
    candle __ miles away on a clear night
    tick of a watch __ feet away
    drop of perfume in a __ room apartment
    wing of a bee falling on a cheek from __ cm high
    • 2
    • 30
    • 20
    • 3
    • 1
  10. subliminal( doesnt effect behavior because it is not percepted)
    stimuli below threshold
  11. just a noticeable difference ( weber's law)
    • difference threshold
    • smallest difference in a stimulation that a person can reliably detect( effected by starting point)
  12. investigates the effects of distractions and interferences while percieving the world
    signal-detection theory
  13. 1. press button when present
    2. fail to detect when present
    3. press when absent
    4.doesnt press when absent
    • hit
    • miss
    • false alarm
    • correct rejection
  14. filling in the gaps in what we sense
    using experience to percieve an object
    top-down processing
  15. using the features of the object to percieve it
    bottom-up processing
  16. which visual image is the figure or the background
    figure ground relationship
  17. how motivated you are to detect the stimuli and what you expect to see
    response criteria
  18. reduction or disappearance of sensory responsivness when stimuli is unchanging
    sensory adaptation
  19. absence of normal levels of sensory stimulation
    sensory deprivation
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