Clinical Terms

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  1. Anastomosis
    Connection between two blood vessels sometimes produced surgically.
  2. Angiospasm
    Muscular spasm in the wall of a blood vessel.
  3. Arteriography
    Injection of rediopaque solution into vascular systerm for an x-ray examination of arteries.
  4. Asystole
    Condition in which myocardium fails to contract.
  5. Cardiac tamponade
    Contraction of the heart by fluid accumilating within the pericardial cavity.
  6. Congestive heart failure
    Inability of the left ventricle to pump adaquate blood to cells.
  7. Cor pulmonale
    Heart lung disorder of pulmonary hypertension ( High blood pressure) and hypertrophy( increase in size) of the right ventricle.
  8. Embolectomy
    Removal of an embolus(a blockage of an artery by fat) through an incision in a blood vessel.
  9. Endarterectomy
    Removal of the inner wall of an artery to reduce an arterial occlusion(sudden blockage of a blood vessel.)
  10. Palpitation
    Awareness of a heartbeat that is usually rapid, strong, or irregular.
  11. Pericardiectomy
    Excision (removal by cutting) of the pericardium.
  12. Phlebitis
    Inflammation of a vein, usually in the lower limbs.
  13. Phlebotomy
    Incision or puncture of a vein to draw blood.
  14. Sinus Rhythm
    The normal cardiac rhythm regulated by the S-A node.
  15. Thrombophlebitis
    Formation of a blood clot in a vein in response to inflammation of the venous wall.
  16. Valvotomy
    Incision of a valve.
  17. Venography
    Injection of a radiopaque solution into the vascular system for x-ray examination of veins.
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