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  1. Traits of Offsprings
    Offsprings inherit new combimations of genes which leads to variations in their traits
  2. Gene codes for traits
    Are linked together into a long strand called chromosome
  3. Some traits are controlled by a single gene
    but many traits are controlled by several genes working together
  4. Genes are a part of what?
  5. What is a Chromosome?
    DNA wrap up w/ proteins coiled together
  6. Homozygous gene pairs are called what
  7. Alleles are what?
    Homozygous that are identical gene pairs like AA or aa
  8. Heterozygous
    gene pairs that are not identical.. Aa
  9. Dominant genes are expressed with what
    capital letter
  10. Recessive genes are not expressed when
    the pair is dominant little....a
  11. meiosis
    Is a nuclear division that reduces the cromosome number by half 2(n) equals n
  12. Two stages of meiosis
    Crossing over & ramdom aligment, allows for most of the varation in meiosis
  13. Crossing over
    • allows swapping of genes between maternal & paternal like homologous chromosomes.
    • breaks up the old codes and makes new ones for offsprings
  14. Ramdom allignment
    • allows different combos of maternal & paternal chromosomes .
    • different combos of traits are passed to offsprings
  15. Gamete Formation
    Gametes sex cells(n) include :sperm,eggs, isogametes ect..
  16. Fertillization between two (n) gametes
    Restores the parental chromosome number (2n) for a new genetic individual
  17. Incomplete dominance
    • Neither gene in the pair are dominate.
    • causes a intermediate physical appearance
  18. Treatment of genetic disorders
    • 1) Diet modification 2) Surgical reconstruction 3) Genetic counselling 4) Pre-natal diagnosis
    • 5) Replacement Therapy 6) Biotechnology
  19. Diet modification
    avoidance of allergy foods
  20. Surgical reconstruction
    Surgery is used to correct physical apperance
  21. Genetic counseling
    Determine potential genetic trait in furture offspring
  22. Pre-natal diagnosis
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