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  1. cp
    Copies one or more files
  2. diff
    Displays the differences between two files
  3. file
    Displays information about the contents of a file
  4. grep
    Searches file(s) for a string
  5. head
    Displays the lines at the beginning of a file
  6. lpq
    Displays a list of jobs in the print queue
  7. lpr
    Places file(s) in the print queue
  8. lprm
    Removes a job from the print queue
  9. mv
    Renames a file or moves file(s) to another directory
  10. sort
    Puts a file in order by lines
  11. tail
    Displays the lines at the end of a file
  12. uniq
    Displays the contents of a file, skipping successive duplicate lines
  13. bunzip2
    Returns a file compressed with bzip2 to its original size and format
  14. bzcat
    Displays a file compressed with bzip2
  15. bzip2
    Compresses a file
  16. compress
    Compresses a file (not as well as gzip)
  17. gunzip
    Returns a file compressed with gzip or compress to its original size and format
  18. gzip
    compresses a file
  19. zcat
    displays a file compressed with gzip.
  20. tar
    Creates or extracts files from an archive file
  21. apropos
    Searches the man page one-line descriptions for a keyword
  22. Locate
    Searches for files on the local system
  23. whereis
    Displays the full pathnames of a utility, source code, or man page
  24. which
    Displays the full pathname of a command you can run
  25. finger
    Displays detailed information about users, including their full names
  26. hostname
    Displays the name of the local system
  27. w
    Displays detailed information about users who are logged in
  28. who
    Displays information about users who are logged in
  29. mesg
    Permits or denies messages sent by write
  30. write
    Sends a message to another user who is logged in
  31. date
    Displays the current date and time
  32. echo
    Copies its arguments to the screen.
  33. cp -r
    copy directory
  34. cp -i
  35. cp -b
  36. cp -n
    dont clobber
  37. ls -f
    show directory
  38. EOF
    End of File
  39. Single Quote
  40. Double Quote
    non literal
  41. Less displays
    One screen of text at a time
  42. Pipe or |
    Sends output of one command as input to another.
  43. wc
    word count
  44. script
    records a shell session.
  45. unix2dos
    formats linux files to windows.
  46. dos2unix
    formats windows and mac files to linux.
  47. cmp
    tests 2 files for equality
  48. sort
    sorts one or more files based on a sorting criteria.
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