Civil War 1

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  1. Abraham Lincoln
    President of the Union
  2. Jefferson Davis
    President of the CSA
  3. Hannibal Hamlin
    President Lincoln's vice president- North
  4. Richmond, Virginia
    Capital of the South
  5. Washington, D.C.
    Capital of the North
  6. Ironclad ships
    Union-Monitor, Confederate-Merrimac
  7. Robert E. Lee
    main General of the South
  8. Stonewall Jackson
    Confederate hero- dies from a gunshot wound by his own men
  9. George B. McClellan
    General for the North ran against President Lincoln for president
  10. Admiral David Farragut
    Captured New Orleans in Mobile Bay
  11. When and where the Civil War began
    April 12, 1861- Fort Sumter
  12. Bull Run? Manassas Junction
    South won; 1st major battle in the Civil War.
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