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  1. Celiac
    Pertaining to the belly/abdomen
  2. Cheilosis
    Condition of the lips
  3. Choledochotomy
    Process of cutting in the common bile duct
  4. Cholecystectomy
    Excision or removal of the gallbladder
  5. Enterocolitis
    Inflammation of the small and large intestines
  6. Enteroenterostomy
    New opening between two previously unconencted parts of the small intestine
  7. Mesentery
    Middle of the intestines
  8. Labial
    pertaining to the lip
  9. Choledochojejunostomy
    creating an opening between the common bile duct and jejunum
  10. Gastojejunostomy
    creating an opening between the stomach and the jejunum
  11. Laparoscopy
    Process of visually examining the abdomen
  12. Orthodontist
    specialist of the straight tooth
  13. Periodontist
    specialists of the gum and teeth
  14. Endodontist
    Specialist of within the mouth
  15. Oral
    Pertaining to the mouth
  16. Pharyngeal
    pertaining to the throat
  17. Palatopharyngoplasty
    surgical repair of the throat palate
  18. Proctologist
    specialist of the anus and rectum
  19. Sialadenitis
    Inflammation of the salivary gland
  20. Amylase
    starch enzyme
  21. Biliary
    pertaining to the bile
  22. Cholelithiasis
    abnormal condition of stones in the bile
  23. Achlorhydria
    without hydrochloric acid
  24. Glycogenolysis
    breakdown of glycogen
  25. Lipoma
    tumor of fat or lipid
  26. Protease
    Protein enzyme
  27. Sialolith
    Savliary gland stones
  28. steatorrhea
    Discharge of fat and feces
  29. Lipase
    pancreatic enzyme to digest fat
  30. hematochezia
    red blood cells in feces
  31. postprandial
    after meal
  32. Caliectasis
    violation of the calyx
  33. cystitis
    inflammation fo the urinary bladder
  34. Meatal stenoisis
    tightening of the meatus
  35. nephroptosis
    Drooping of the kidney
  36. Nephrolithotomy
    Incision into the kidney to remove a stone
  37. Pyelolithotomy
    process of cutting into the renal pelvis to remove stones
  38. Renal colic
    intermittent spasms of pain in the kidney
  39. Urethritis
    inflammation of the urethra
  40. Urethral stricture
    abnormal narrowing of an opening of the urethra
  41. Intravesical
    Pertaining to within the urinary bladder
  42. Vesicoureteral reflux
    reflux pertaining to the ureter and bladder
  43. Polydipsia
    Pertaining to much thirst
  44. Hyperkalemia
    blood condition of high potassium
  45. ketosis
    State or condition of ketone bodies
  46. Hyponatremia
    blood condition of low sodium level
  47. Nocturia
    Frequent or excessive urination at night
  48. Oliguria
    Scanty urine
  49. Erythropoietin
    Substance that forms red blood cells
  50. Pyuria
    urination of pus
  51. Lithotripsy
    Stone crushing
  52. Uremia
    blood condition of urine
  53. Enuresis
    Condition of being in urine
  54. Diuresis
    Condition of complete urination
  55. Antidiuretic
    hormone against urine
  56. Urinary incontinence
    not able to hold together urine
  57. Polyuria
    Excessive urination
  58. Chorionic
    Pertaining to the chorion
  59. Colposcopy
    process of visually examining the vagina
  60. Culdocentesis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid from the cul-de-sac
  61. Episiotomy
    The process of cutting into the vulva
  62. Galactorrhea
    ABNORMAL discharge of milk
  63. Gynecomastia
    enlargement of breasts in males
  64. Hysterectomy
    Excession or removal of the uterus
  65. Hysteroscopy
    Process of visually examining the uterus
  66. Lactation
    normal secretion of milk
  67. Oligomenorrhea
    scanty discharge of menses
  68. Menorrhagia
    Excessive bleeding between menses
  69. Menometrorrhagia
    Excessive bleeding during and between menses
  70. Myometrium
    middle layer of the uterus muscle
  71. Myomectomy
    Removal of fibroids from the uterus
  72. Oogenesis
    producing egg
  73. oocyte
    egg cell
  74. obstetrics
    pertaining to pregnancy and child birth
  75. Oophorectomy
    excision or removal of the ovary
  76. Ovum
    mature egg cell
  77. Anovulatory
    without ovulation
  78. Perineorrhaphy
    suture of the peritoneum
  79. Salpingectomy
    excision or removal of the fallopian tubes
  80. Vaginal orifice
    opening pertaining to the vagina
  81. menarche
    beginning of menstration
  82. Pseudocyesis
    False pregnancy
  83. Primigravida
    first pregnancy
  84. Primiparous
    An adjective describing a woman who has given birth to at least one child
  85. leukorrhea
    white discharge
  86. Pyosalpinx
    pus in the fallopian tube
  87. dystocia
    excessively long labor
  88. oxytocia
    rapid labor or birth
  89. cephalic version
    act of turning head down
  90. Dyspareunia
    painful sexual intercourse
  91. Endometritis
    inflammation within the uterus
  92. Involution of the uterus
    uterus rolls in to return to normal size
  93. Multipara
    given birth multiple times
  94. Multigravida
    woman who has been pregnant more than once
  95. nulligravida
    never been pregnancy
  96. nullipara
    never given birth
  97. primipara
    first lives birth
  98. retroversion
    tilted backward
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