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  1. Operations management is about:
  2. Postponement
    postpone final production of product until order comes in

    i.e. Tomato soup could be "Cambell's brand" or Giant Eagle brand. Soup is the same just with different label depending on need.
  3. Information Structure
    Ability to both CAPTURE AND ACCESS technology
  4. Throughput
    Volume of goods that flow through a warehouse (measure of productivity). (i.e. # of units/# of hours).

    i.e. how many products can be scanned/# of scanner people

    This is dif. for each company, but should be consisten within the company
  5. Survival Strength
    Cash flow extremely improtant for organization. How much the firm really has to spend.
  6. Example of Job Shop
    Orange County Choppers
  7. Southwest Airlines
    Alignment betwen business processes and strategic position - focused on customer service (story of flight attendant)
  8. Strategy
    Plan to achieve objective
  9. Competitive Product Space
    Measures where firm sits based on 4 product attributes of cost, response time, variety and quality
  10. Strategic Positioning
    Position a firm wants to occupy within the competitive product space
  11. Operational effectiveness
    Company's ability to best utilize its inputs (control product space/strategic position)
  12. Corporate Strategy - Business Strategy - Function Strategy
    Corporate Strategy - Businesses firm will compete in and how resources will be allocated to each business

    Business Strategy - Defines scope of each division in terms of product attributes and market segments it will serve (competitive analysis of industry)

    Function Strategy - Define marketing, operations, finance.
  13. Functional Strategy
    Putting together he plan thats in alignment w/ the business/corporate strategies (resources, marketing, etc. to fulfill goals)
  14. Strategic Fit
    Alignment of strategic position and the competencies of its proces architecture and managerial policies (day to day mgmt)

    i.e. low cost operation can be both efficient and effective - i.e.e Walmart.
  15. Effectiveness must "Strategically fit" with
    • Strategic Position
    • Process Architecture
    • Mgmt policies (day to day mgmt)
  16. Misalignment of strategic fit occurs when (3)
    • 1. Senior mgmt out of touch with csutomers
    • 2. senior mgmt out of touch with floor operations
    • 3. Marketing group not wokring with ops
  17. Strategic Fit requires both of these things:
    • 1. Market Driven Strategy
    • 2. Process Driven Strategy
  18. Market Driven Strategy
    Firm starts with competitive advantage priorities then develops processes to suppor them
  19. Process Driven Strategy
    Firm starts with a given set of process competencies then identifies a position that is best supported by the processes
  20. Strategy should define both what to do and what not to do
    Strategy/processes should be focused (Southwest vs Jet Blue)
  21. Divide organization/plant floor into focused units
    Plant within a Plan (PWP)
  22. Operations Frontier
    Shows how firms operate in the competive product space (responsiveness vs cost efficiency)

    Firms that operate on the operations frontier are most effective and best in class
  23. Operations Frontier Trade Offs
    Firms on frontier line must trade off between responsiveness and cost efficiency. Firms not on this frontier do not have to trade off to increase their dimensions
  24. Factory System - Resulted from 3 innovations
    • 1. Division of labor - individuals dedicated to a specific task
    • 2. Steam engine invention - transportation speed up 20x
    • 3. Centralized work - assembly line + mass production
  25. Standardization began with
    interchangable parts

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