Chapter 13 (7)

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  1. What are the functions of the limbic system?
    • Establishing emotional states
    • Linking conscious, intellectual functions of cerebral cortex with unconscious and autonomic functions of brain stem
    • Facilitating memory storage and retrieval
  2. What are the cerebral components of the limbic system?
    • Cingulate gyrus (superior portion)
    • Parahippocampal gyrus (inferior portion)
    • Hippocampus
  3. What are the diencephalon components of the limbic system?
    • Anterior group of thalamic nuclei
    • Hypothalamus
    • Mammillary bodies
  4. What are the different punctional areas of the limbic system?
    • Anterior group of thalamic nuclei
    • Hippocampus
    • Fornix
    • Amygdaloid body (amygdala)
  5. What is the function of the Anterior group of thalamic nuclei in the limbic system?
    Relay information from mammillary body to cingulate gyrus on same side
  6. What is the function of the Hippocampus in the limbic system?
    Important in learning, especially in storage and retrieval of long-term memories.
  7. Describe the function of the fonix in the limbic system.
    • White matter tract connecting hippocampus with hypothalamus.
    • Relay olfaction information
  8. What is the function of Amygdaloid body (amygdala) in the limbic system?
    • Interface between limbic system and cerebrum and various sensory systems.
    • Plays a role in regulation of heart rate, control of “fight or flight” response, and linking emotions to specific memories.
  9. Describe the basal nuclei.
    • Also known as basal ganglia.
    • Are masses of gray matter within each hemisphere deep to lateral ventricle floor.
    • Provide subconscious control of skeletal muscle tone and help coordinate learned movement patterns.
    • Normally do not initiate movement, but provide general pattern and rhythm.
    • Axon bundles connecting cerebral cortex to diencephalon and brain stem pass around and between basal nuclei.
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