Managing Data - 2293 - Ch 4

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  1. Clickstream Data
    are data that visitors and consumers produce when they visit a website and click on hyperlinks
  2. Data rot
    it refers primarily to problems with the media to which the data are stored
  3. Data Life Cycle
    • Data Sources (Internal, External, and Personal Data)
    • Data Analysis
    • Result
    • Solutions
  4. Database management System (DBMS)
    is a set of programs that provides users with tools to add, delete, access, and analyze data stored in one location
  5. Data Redundancy
    The same data are stored in many places
  6. Data isolation
    Applications cannot access data associated with other application.
  7. Data Inconsistency
    Various copies of the data do not agree.
  8. Bit
    represents the smallest unit of data a computer can process
  9. Byte
    a group of 8 bits
  10. Field
    a logical group of characters into a word, small group of words, of an indentification #.
  11. Record
    A logical grouping of related fields compose a record.
  12. file or table
    A logical grouping of related records
  13. Database
    A logical grouping of related tables
  14. Data model
    Is a diagram that represents entities in the database and their relationship
  15. Entity
    is a person, place, thing or event
  16. Attribute
    Each characteristics or quality of a particular entity
  17. Primary Key
    Student ID
  18. Secondary keys
    student's majors
  19. Entity-relationship (ER) modelling
    Plan and develop the database through this process using an entity-relationship (ER) diagram.
  20. Relational Database Model
    is based on the concept of 2 dimensional tables
  21. Query Language
    most popular query language used to request information
  22. Query by example
    Another way to find info in a data base
  23. Data Dictionary
    It defines the format necessary to enter the data into the database.
  24. normalization
    Is a method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form for minimum redundancy, maximum data integrity and best processing performance.
  25. Data Warehouse
    is a repository of historical data organized by subject to support decision makers in the organization
  26. Online analytical processing
    is the process of performing complex, multi-dimensional analyses of data stored in a database or warehouse
  27. online transaction processing
    where business transactions are processed online as soon as they occur
  28. multi dimensional structure
    more than 2 dimensions
  29. Data Mart
    is a small data warehouse that is designed for the end user's needs in a strategic business unit or department.
  30. Data Governance
    is an approach to managing information across an entire organization
  31. Master Data
    are a set of core data, such as customers, products, employees, and so on.
  32. Master Data management
    is a process that spans all organizational business processes and applications.
  33. Knowledge management systems
    it refers to the use of modern info technologies to systematize, enhance, and expedite intrafirm and interfirm knowledge management.
  34. Knowledge or Intellectual capital
    is information that is contextual, relevant, and actionable.
  35. Explicit knowledge
    deals with more objective, rational, and technical knowledge
  36. Tacit knowledge
    cumulative store of subjective or experiential learning.
  37. Best Practices
    most effective and efficient ways of doing things.
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